rc strategy

  1. D

    Reading Comprehension

    I have my DAT in less than 3 weeks and im still struggling to find a strategy to use for RC. Reading is one of my weaker areas. Ive done two of the practice tests on BC and got as low as a 16 which im very concerned about. I didn't even get to reading the last passage, let alone answering the...
  2. J

    Reading Comprehension Note taking vs highlighting

    Last year I took Kaplan's course and they recommended reading and taking brief notes (names, dates, main topic) on each paragraph for the reading comprehension. My RC practice exams with them were usually around 16-17. On the real DAT I got a 22! I am not sure if I just got lucky with an easy...
  3. bentley13

    DAT Done: 25AA, 24 TS, 25 PAT; 3 week study Schedule

    Hey SDN. I took my DAT earlier today, and I just thought I would share my experience with everyone. I used several posts like this to help me throughout the process. There is honestly nothing more helpful than learning from past test takers. I studied for a total of 3 weeks (8am-8pm every day...
  4. Mason91

    How hard is RC on the actual DAT?

  5. Mason91

    This might be a stupid question... but a question regarding RC

  6. D

    Just took my DAT last Saturday

    Got incredible scores (Bio 24 GC 24 OC 30 PAT 26 RC 23 QR 27 AA 26) and wanted to thank Bootcamp and DAT destroyer for their excellent practice problems. For starters yes you can cross off options in any sections by right clicking that option and highlight texts in RC. I didn't know this thing...