1. D

    When is it a "reach" school based on your GPA and DAT?

    Say you have a 3.55 GPA and 23 AA DAT -- is it >= 3.6 for GPA? >= 3.7? etc. What about DAT scores? I know, splitting hairs here LOL and there are certainly all the other aspects of a candidate since it's a holistic picture of you. I'm just trying to filter the final list for this cycle. TIA!
  2. M

    3.65c 3.74s chances/school list

    I'm a current junior at a highly ranked state school. I'm looking for insight on my highest school prospects to apply for, I havent taken the MCAT yet, but I'd like to see what to aim for. I have a 3.65 cumulative, 3.74 science in major, a chemistry major, biochem minor and music performance...
  3. Piglet2020

    Reach Schools - How likely?

    What is considered a “reach” school? Is it a reach if you are below their median stats? Top 20 schools? And how likely do people actually get accepted into their dream/reach schools? I would be happy with just 1 acceptance considering how competitive this is. I heard stories from my advisor...
  4. M

    Help with my school list? 3.83 cGPA, 519 MCAT

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some input on my school list. When I originally submitted my primaries, I had a 3.83 cGPA (with a similar sGPA) and an MCAT score of 507. However, I just received my new MCAT score on 8/1 and I scored a 519 (97th percentile). I'm not really sure how to approach...
  5. 7

    Don't even HAVE a school list. Where to start? And how to include travel?

    Just got my MCAT scores back, and I'm feeling pretty on the fence about it. TOTAL = 512 = 88% Chemistry = 127 = 79% CARS = 127 = 83% Biology = 127 = 78% Psychology = 131 = 99% I wasn't quite expecting the Psychology score to be so high, though I'm also not surprised (it's a hobby). What bums...
  6. N

    Quick Questions: WARS GPA & School List

    Never mind about the GPA question. Also, I understand the broad categories we're supposed to apply to (e.g. safety and reach), but what constitutes a "reach" school, GPA-wise? Would that be a 50th percentile GPA +0.1 or 0.2 to yours--or is this category too complex (multifactored) to be broken...
  7. Tenzing2017

    What are my chances? Weak freshman year, 3 strong years...Any improvements?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on SDN, long time lurker. Just wanted to ask some for your opinions on my progress, "what are my chances?", and if theres anything you think I can improve.. I was a transfer student and had a weak freshman year (bc of reasons), but my GPA has improved...
  8. K

    School Suggestions Please?

    Happy to get back my April MCAT score today: 520. cGPA=3.85. I was thinking targets might be Emory, Georgetown, Miami, USC, Tufts etc. but I am not sure because I realize that my science GPA is a bit lower than their medians according to the MSAR. Will this be an issue? Or will my MCAT score...
  9. neuro17

    Need help with school list!!!

    Hi SDN I could use some serious help with my school list. My goal is to get the list to around ~20, but I could see myself at like 35 different schools! I've done my best to filter out OOS-unfriendly schools and locations that I wouldn't like. My main issue is that my MCAT is super unbalanced...