1. E

    Pursuing an Master of Divinity before or after Medical School (Earning multiple degrees)

    Hello SDN, I had a question about pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree either before or after seminary. I am an evangelical Christian (open to advice from whoever) who loves to study the Bible and theology, I'd love to be involved in church ministry. At the same time I love science and...
  2. B

    Another pharmacist refuses to fill meds for religious beliefs

    I am surprised this hasnt made the rounds here yet: Michigan Pharmacist Refused to Dispense Miscarriage Medication, Citing Religious Beliefs Looks like this pharmacist was let go from his job, although they dont explicitly describe the circumstances of why he doesnt work there anymore.
  3. K

    George Fox PT Program

    Hi! I've been looking at DPT programs to apply to this year, and George Fox is up there on my list. Or at least it was, until I heard some interesting stories from a coworker that got her undergraduate degree there. George Fox is a Christian university, and I am not religious but I have no...
  4. A

    Insights to Religious Affiliated DPT Schools?

    Hello, My name is Angela and I am currently applying to DPT schools. Many of my interested PT schools are either called certain religon school or affiliated to certain church. As much as I repect people with religions, I am myself not religious and I hope my study at my future DPT school...
  5. Hospitalized

    Serious: The MCAT should allow CTRL+F for CARS...

    ...Because this is the only scenario in my life when I'm reading something on the computer and I won't be allowed to CTRL+F.
  6. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Possibility of animosity towards religion/race?

    I'm a female Muslim arab (though I am blonde/white and don't "look" it). When I have applied for jobs/positions in the past I try to not draw attention to my religion or race. My name is foreign, but you wouldn't be able to tell its an arab name. However, in my PS I have written about the...
  7. SharkBait13

    Need participants for study on relationship offenses, forgiveness, and religion (15 min or less)

    The survey should only take about 15 minutes. Your responses will be completely confidential. There are two studies, one for perpetrators of an offense (preferred!) and one for victims (less preferred). In order to participate, you must 1) be over 18 years of age, 2) currently be in some form...