1. B

    Docs who did FAP/military scholarships, how often did you have to drill during residency?

    How much trouble did military obligations cause during residency? - MS4 applying EM considering FAP
  2. B

    Military docs who served a total of 3 years - what kept you from staying in longer than that?

    Also why didn't you opt for the minimum service length of 2 years? Just out of curiosity. Thank you in advance!
  3. B

    Any folks here who have served as medical officers in the reserves? How is the pay in comparison to being a civilian physician?

    Also what was your experience like? - What branch/specialty are you in? - Were you active duty prior? - What was a typical drill weekend like? - Were you ever promoted in the reserves? - How many times did you get to deploy throughout your career? Plus anything else that comes to mind.
  4. A

    Army Reserves to Active Duty?

    Hello all, I have been digging but can’t seem to find if you are able to switch from reserves to active duty as a physician? I know most often, especially enlisted, to go from reserves to active you need to be relieved of reserves duty then reinlist. However, I found information that stated...
  5. S

    Questions About Reserve/ROTC Service During College/Med School

    Hello, I have been scouring the threads for a couple of days now, and finally decided the best approach was to lay out my situation and see what you guys think/have to say. I am 18 and in my senior year of high school, applying to colleges. I am sure that I want to be a doctor and go to med...
  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Military: One Way to Get an MD Debt-Free [Episode 266]

    Become an MD Through the Army, Debt Free! [Show Summary] Are you interested in practicing medicine in an environment that allows you to focus on clinical excellence? Do you want to have the option of practicing medicine in a host of different environments? Is it important for you to emerge from...
  7. N

    Navy Army vs Navy reserves general Military

    Hello All I've been interested in joining the reserves following gen surg residency (presently newly minted pgy3) but have been torn between what branch to join. I've narrowed to navy vs army since they appear to be the more active for gen surg and in more need. I have an interest to also join...
  8. brones

    Navy MC Reserves

    Hello Everyone, I am currently a 1st year resident and am considering going into the Navy Reserves. My big issue right now is that I am concerned about balancing a civilian practice with my reserve obligations. Specifically, deployments and activations. I do not think the 1 weekend a month...
  9. C

    Anyone here a Navy (or Army/AF) Reservist?

    I currently have 10yrs active duty, with 4yr HPSP for med school, looking to get out at the end of this tour (11.5yrs AD total). I will have to do about six months of reserve time after AD for GI Bill obligation. I am hoping to discuss what it's like being a reservist with anyone here...
  10. B


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  11. B

    Student Debt and Army Reserves while in ROTC?

    So I'm a graduating senior now who wants to become an orthodontist. I've wanted to become this for years for various reasons. I know becoming an orthodontist is extremely competitive so I'm attending the Citadel, which is the military college of South Carolina next semester. The Citadel is...
  12. M

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Reserves as a gen surg resident

    I'm a rising MS4 about to apply to civilian general surgery programs with the end goal of being a trauma/CC surgeon. I elected against USUHS and HPSP so that I could have more options for residency training. Given that I don't have any military experience I am looking for some advice on a few...
  13. L

    Navy Navy Reserve in MD school (Not HPSP, etc.)

    I am interested in serving in the Navy Reserves during all 4 years of medical school. I am already accepted into medical school, ready to start in August. Likely career will be physical medicine and rehabilitation. I have no prior military experience. I am NOT applying for HPSP because I do...
  14. K

    Military post residency

    I am currently in my 4th year of residency for orthopedic surgery. I am commissioned as an O3 in the army reserves and doing the STRAP/HPLRP. Does anyone have information of what life is like post residency? I am trying to sign a contract with a private practice group, and they have concerns...
  15. devilpup

    Civilian to Reserves

    Hey folks, hoping for some guidance here. 30 year old guy, finished IM residency a year ago, currently very happy doing a Hospitalist gig at a major tertiary center in SoCal, no prior military experience but i’m interested in joining the Air Force Reserves. My reasons are simple: one, i’ve...
  16. ALTOSS

    All Branch Topic (ABT) ARNG or USAR during residency

    Hello guys - I am considering joining the ARNG or the Reserves with 24 month stabilization while completing residency (endo). I have heard some positive and negative things about whether it is worth it. I understand the location and unit will largely dictate the overall experience. I would...
  17. E

    Deciding Guard or Reserves

    I've seen this question asked a few times before, but there aren't too many responses besides a post from 2006. I will be starting medical school in August, and after extensive research (and deciding against HPSP) I am deciding between joining the National Guard or the US Army Reserves for...
  18. M

    Other OT-Related Information OT in the Air Force Reserves?

    Has anyone joined the US Air Force Reserves as an occupational therapist before? I'd like to know the pros and cons of joining. How's the climate working as a healthcare professional in a world so dominated by masculinity and hierarchy? What kind of cases does an OT see with members of the Air...
  19. mj1988

    MDSSP/STRAP/HPSP/FAP and Reserves/Guard

    Hi everyone. I am considering my options for both paying for medical school and possibly service to my country. As such, I have done some forum reading and other research on branch specific websites on HPSP and FAP in the navy or air force. I am a female late 20s person with recent acceptance to...