residency programs

  1. S

    2017/2018 Integrated Plastics Program Impressions

    Please post your Impressions of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Programs as you move along the interview trail!
  2. femmeenrouge

    MD & DO General Surgery Mayo Clinic Phoenix, AZ?

    Hi all, I searched the existing threads and I haven't found anything about this. I was wondering if anyone heard anything or knows anything about the general surgery residency program at Mayo Phoenix, other than what's on FREIDA. Any students/residents there? What did you think of the program...
  3. LizardQueen

    Depressed IMG - chances of getting into residency program?

    Hey guys, I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. Basically I'm a first year medical student who is studying outside of the UK (my home country) and I intend to apply to the US in the future for residency programs. Now, I want to clarify that I haven't been officially diagnosed with...
  4. L

    General Surgery Program Reviews/Interview Impressions

    Now that the official interview invites thread is dying down, I thought this would be an appropriate time to solicit candid opinions about your interview experiences at different programs. I also wholeheartedly welcome any anonymous program reviews from current residents. I am aware of...
  5. jvlop

    What to look for in residency programs?

    Hello, I am starting to think about doing my research for residency programs. I was wondering: 1. What should I look for in programs? 2. Where to look for this info? 3. How to organize all this info? I want to do Ob/Gyn and I would prefer to be in the east coast.
  6. Polycherry

    Top psychiatry programs with research and biological focus

    Hey I'm an undergrad from India and have a knack for research. I wish to do my residency in the US. What are the psych programs that have more of a biological touch or more focussed on research? Also, I'm willing to do a PhD. Is a PhD suggested before or after the residency? Which one sounds...
  7. 56101991

    What are Endodontic residencies looking for in applicants? (GPA, class rank, research, LORs, etc.)

    I'm interested in pursuing an endodontic residency and am curious what I should be doing to best prepare myself? Any help is appreciated
  8. DedosdelosPies

    Unspoken of Residency Programs

    Does anyone have any information about the following externships/residencies: DVA AL, DVA Atlanta or Mountain Home? That is, has anyone done an externship or residency there or know of anyone who has? I'm looking for program emphasis, research, ability to get surgical numbers, hours worked...