1. BorntobeDO?

    The super positive most respected DO thread

    Warning: This thread is only for dangerously positive sentiment that might stretch beyond the confines of reality. And memes, lots of DO memes It has come to my attention that certain OMS's with 275 steps and 830 comlex have not been receiving the validation their achievements require from the...
  2. S

    Is an education from a TX dental school respectable in the NE?

    I'm a TX resident and only applied to the 3 dental schools in TX, but I'm thinking about living in the Northeast (like NJ) in the future. I will find out if I am accepted this Friday. I have two routes to choose from before I really get in too deep and can't turn back: Option 1: Accept a TX...
  3. FutureDoctorX-men

    Asking for a favour from my Mentor

    Hi everyone, :) I hope that everyone is doing well! I just have a question regarding asking my Medical School mentor for a favour. Please keep in mind that this might be a little long! So here's the background: My med school mentor is currently a fourth year medical student and he will be...
  4. Maddox_doc

    Disrespectful patients

    How do you deal with patients that appear unreasonable, or disrespectful? Any experience anyone?
  5. futuredrummerdoctor

    Seriously, you got this, and here's why

    Guys. Please be careful when using the Internet. It's a great source of motivation and an AMAZING resource for so many parts of the pre-med journey (seriously wouldn't have gotten far without SDN), but please do not compare yourselves to others. I just wanted to drop by to say that YOU CAN DO...
  6. H

    Is it bad to say you want the prestige of being a dentist in your ps?

    Dentistry is a respected profession. How would an admissions committe view an appilcant saying they want the prestige that is associated with being a dentist? Thank you