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  1. K

    Albertsons, Rite Aid terminate merger

    Albertsons and Rite Aid on Wednesday evening announced that they had mutually decided to terminate the proposed merger of the Boise, Idaho-based grocery retailer and the Camp Hill, Pa.-based retail pharmacy chain. The termination came a day before Rite Aid was set to hold a special shareholders...
  2. K

    Do you think the following is a wide spread problem or just an isolated case?

    "Pharmacy owner gets jail time for $1.5M kickback scheme with NY hospital employee" The owner of a New York pharmacy was sentenced to six months in jail for participating in a $1.5 million Medicaid kickback scheme with a former hospital employee from East Meadow, N.Y.-based Nassau University...
  3. K

    "Amazon Is Already Undercutting Prices on Over-the-Counter Pills"

    Bloomberg News reported Amazon “is already undercutting” pharmacies on over-the-counter drugs. The article reports that “median prices for over-the-counter, private-brand medicine sold by Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. and CVS Health Corp. were about 20 percent higher than Basic Care, the...
  4. K

    Amazon could be coming for CVS, Rite Aid & Walgreens. Over half of consumers say they are on board

    Amazon could be coming for CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens and over half of consumers say they are on board Amazon could be coming for CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens and over half of consumers say they are on board
  5. K

    Attn: California Pharmacists and Technicians working in Independent and Chain Pharmacy

    We've been asked to help distribute the following survey, hope you find it of interest! There is no restriction on distributing this survey and of course the more participants the survey receives the better the survey. Please forward on if you wish. Thanks much!! Attn: California Pharmacists...
  6. PharmRX0308

    Kroger Pharmacy Tips and Advices

    Hello everyone, I am a P3 student starting my job as an intern at Kroger pharmacy (King Soopers) very soon. The chain is completely new to me, so I would truly appreciate any tips or advices from everyone on how to efficiently use the pharmacy computer system, to maintain a smooth workflow, or...
  7. B

    New grad in retail, seeking to transition to a more clinical role. Help!

    Just wondering if there are any clinical/hospital pharmacists that didn't get a residency right out of school yet still found their way into a hospital. Did you try for a residency again the next year? Also; are there any good sites to download clinical pharmacy ebooks? I'm trying to retain my...
  8. T

    1 Question for Walmart Pharm Techs and Rph

    Hi guys, I am currently working at Walmart, and there still a lot learn from the computer system. Is there anyone who work at Walmart pharmacy could show me how to split prescriptions at the pick up window. Let say there are 3 prescriptions ready for pick-up and they are in the same bag. Now pt...
  9. P

    New Walgreens Floater Tips

    I recently graduated pharmacy school and accepted a floating position with Walgreens. The job market is really bad where I live (and I assume everywhere else) which made me feel I had no choice but to accept the job. I only had 3 days of training after getting licensed and tomorrow is my first...
  10. P

    Working at Safeway as a pharmacist

    It has been quite some time on here since I've seen any posts or comments about working at Safeway as a pharmacist. Can anyone who works at Safeway or has worked there give any insight as to whether to take a position at Safeway as a pharmacist. Is the pharmacist expected to be the cashier also...