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    For Sale USMLE/COMLEX 1-3 and Clerkship Review Books

    USMLE/COMLEX 1-3 and Clerkship Review Books Bundle for $200+Shipping Condition: Kaplan Step 1, Step 3 Lectures: New; First Aid USMLE 2 CS + CK: New COMLEX 2 PE JB Review: used First Aid USMLE 3: new MTB Step 3: New USMLE 3 Secrets: New Case files: used Pocket Medicine: Used Please ask for...
  2. S

    Selling MCAT Books (2017 Berkeley Review set, Examkrackers (10th ed), Kaplan (2nd edition), etc.

    Hey guys, I wanted to sell my MCAT books now that I have been accepted into medical school! Let me know if you are interested! Examkrackers 10th edition: 120$ OBO Kaplan 2nd edition: 50$ OBO Berkeley Review 2017 for new MCAT: 350$ OBO Just Message me for the other books. If you buy any of the...
  3. P

    AOBNP psych oral boards study material

    Couldn't find any recent threads on this, but any ideas on the best study material for this? Advice on how to study? Any different than for written?
  4. C

    Selling Berkeley Review Books (Full set except psych). Books made for the new MCAT

    Hello all, Selling my Berkeley Review MCAT Home Study Set. The books are in great condition, no writing in any of them. Books were purchased September of 2016, made for the new MCAT. Copyright Dates Physics I - 2017 Physics II - 2017 Gen Chem I - 2016 Gen Chem II - 2016 Biology I - 2016...
  5. Triple HX

    For Sale Selling MCAT Next Step exams!

    Selling Next step MCAT exams 1-4 for $50! Inbox me for details.
  6. N

    Comprehensive USMLE Review?

    Hi I'm looking for suggestions for a comprehensive Medical School/USMLE Review series. I'm looking for a series that one could potentially learn from without having attended medical school (theoretically speaking, that's the level of comprehensiveness I'm looking for). I learned about half of...
  7. M

    MCAT Materials for Sale

    Selling EK 10th edition (full set) + Kaplan 7th edition (full set + quick review) Books/binding/pages are in great condition (original box included) but both have highlighting/markings $60 each or $100 for both sets + S/H obo
  8. V

    What content is missing from The Princeton Review review books?

    I have the full set of TPR books, but I heard that TPR doesn't have all the content covered on the MCAT. Do y'all know which specific kind of content is missing? And if y'all do, which specific books should I seek out to fill in those gaps?
  9. M

    Medical School Year 1 Additional Resources

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what additional recourses should I get to help me through the first year of medical school, and to prepare for the Step 1? My first semester courses are Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Anatomy and Embryology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, Histology and Biostatistics...
  10. michikun

    For Sale NY Pharmacy Compounding Review Notes

    I'm selling Dr. Cutie's compounding review package. Everything is included and like brand new with no writing. PM me for details.
  11. Asclepius293

    Kaplan MCAT Resources (Course Workbook, 7 review books, + 1400 flashcards) for sale!

    Hey SDN family, Just got my MCAT scores back (did really well! :)) and am now looking to sell my review resources from the Kaplan course I took to study. This includes: -the most recent 7 book subject review (CARS, Physics and Math, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry...
  12. T

    MCAT Books For Sale: BR, EK, TPRH

    Books for sale: Berkeley Review (All are the newest 2015 editions) - BIO Part 1 and 2, CHEM Part 1 and 2, ORGO Part 1 and 2, PHYSICS Part 1 and 2 Examkrackers - BIO and VERBAL EK 1000's - CHEM, PHYSICS, ORGO The Princeton Review Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook Next Step PSYCH/SOC Practice...
  13. J

    For Sale The Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT Review Books, 2013 Edition

    I have an 8-book set of The Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT review books, 2013 edition, that I am selling. I have 2 biology books, 2 organic chemistry books, 2 general chemistry books, and 2 physics books. There is some writing in the content review parts, but the practice sections are clean with no...
  14. oblongataforreal

    The Berkeley Review Updated 2015 Version

    The updated versions of TBR books are out but I haven't seen any good reviews about them. Please participate if you have used the new versions! Based on their website they've updated the Biology and Chemistry books and developed the Psychology book. Seems like Physics and Organic books haven't...
  15. H

    looking to buy OAT REVIEW

    looking to buy OAT review books such as the Kaplan review notes and flash cards and the OAT DESTROYER
  16. H

    Selling MCAT Berkeley Review book set 2012 (full set)

    Hello, I have a MCAT Berkeley Review set (2012) and I don't need them anymore. I also have a lot of previous practice exams and questions. I want to sell them all. The Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!