What content is missing from The Princeton Review review books?

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Apr 2, 2017
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I have the full set of TPR books, but I heard that TPR doesn't have all the content covered on the MCAT. Do y'all know which specific kind of content is missing? And if y'all do, which specific books should I seek out to fill in those gaps?

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Psychology -

Perception (at least the 2015 version) didn't have that.
Kholberg Stages
Vygotski developmental stages as well.

Research methods (EK did a great job on research, so i'll supplement TPR with EK research methods in this case)
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2016 edition covers perception and Kohlberg, but not the other two topics mentioned. Not sure what else is missing...I've been using TPR and think its pretty comprehensive-- it is much more detailed than Kaplan, in my opinion. However, I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for them to cover every single topic that might be on the MCAT. The point is for you to use the books to supplement knowledge you already know, and then hopefully be able to glean the necessary info to answer unfamiliar questions from the passages on the real exam.

Also, once you start doing practice tests, if you notice there are questions coming up frequently about a certain topic that you keep missing because you never reviewed it in your content review, you can take the time to look it up specifically and learn it.
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