rolling admissions

  1. D

    Is submitting primary in August and waiting for MCAT score bad decision?

    My MCAT will be written August 3rd. My GPA will be 3.90-3.95 (last term in UNI) depending on how finals go. I have my personal statement almost completed already. I took the MCAT got smacked with a 510 (129/123/129/129) last summer and also ORM. I was also working 40 hours a week doing research...
  2. R

    MPH MPH Fall 2018 Deadlines: Rolling Admissions?

    Hello all. I'm new here. Forgive me if I say something stupid. So I am applying to MPH programs in the US (US citizen) and I have noticed a lot of schools, such as University of Michigan, have rolling deadlines after a priority deadline (often December 15 is priority, and March 1st is final)...
  3. M

    How does rolling admissions works when you haven't heard from other schools

    I've applied to four physical therapy schools. Some don't even have deadlines until Dec 1, while others are rolling admissions. One school I applied to already is having me come in for an interview because they are rolling admissions. My questions are below: 1. If by some miracle I get accepted...
  4. Piglet2020

    December/January Interviews and Non-rolling Admissions

    Are December/January interviews considered late? I’m asking b/c I haven’t heard back from 20 schools and I just received an II for December. Have you heard of people being outright accepted after a December/January interview? I guess it wouldn’t be ideal if the school is rolling. My next...
  5. collectedgp

    How late is too late?

  6. A

    Too Late for Masters?

    Currently applying to MWU in IL and AZ- should finish the app before June 1st. What are my chances of actually getting in this late? Are there any other masters with a guaranteed interview program into their dental schools with rolling admissions up to July ish? Thank you in advance
  7. mandu_cheeks

    late interviews (late February-March)

    Hi everyone, I've been fortunate enough to get a small handful of interviews from my top choice schools at the 11th hour of interview season. However, the earliest dates available for some of these places are in late February or early March, and these are from schools with rolling acceptances...
  8. ccrain24

    Medical School Admissions for Fall 2018 deadlines Texas

    I have a problem. I'm an Arkansas student, but a Texas resident. I'm applying for medical school this summer. However, my premedical advisory committee works to get people into Arkansas medical schools, so they do not make my premedical committee letter until October (Arkansas medical schools do...
  9. LittleEngineCould

    When "Better late than never" is not better

    Call me a trooper (I'm sure some of you have a more interesting choice for the word), but I've just submitted my primary application earlier today. Hold the tears for me though-- I have factual information that this is absolutely no issue in regards to my local [off-shore] selections. I'm an...
  10. D

    NYU 3 Year Med Program Rolling Admissions?

    Is there any advantage in filling out NYU's tertiary application for their 3 year program early? (e.g. do they have rolling admissions for this part of the application?)
  11. F

    Rolling admissions

    I'm applying to a Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program. I hit the GRE preparation and succeeded - I didn't give up and it paid off. It took me 4 tries (keep in mind I've been out of school for approximately 20 years). The only things left are: waiting for Master's transcript to arrive and waiting...
  12. R

    How competitive would it be to apply in January for rolling admissions?

    Hi everyone. I recently figured out a way I could start optometry school in 2016 if I can get in. My school of choice started accepting on a rolling basis July 2015. I am worried whether my application would be a waste by January. I have my OAT scheduled for the beginning of December and hope to...
  13. D


    SMPs generally have Feb deadlines for application submission, and from what I recall, there are rolling admissions. Would it be better ton apply later in the cycle and make your application more competitive or apply early with a weak application? Also, would it be better to apply to an...