1. marlanagt


    I’m favoring Rowan and UNE over KYCOM. So mostly hoping for insight between Rowan and UNE. My understanding is that they are both good programs. One pro about UNE it is in New England which is where I would like to do residency. One pro about Rowan is that I would have free housing. I am an...
  2. SupremeUncle

    Rejected from Rowan MBS Program, offered Quick Admit, what should I do?

    Background: I graduated class of 2019 with like a 2.5cGPA and like a <2.0 sGPA. Undiagnosed ADHD lead to most of my failures. As bad my stats are, my extracurriculars make up for it. I've been scribing for nearly 3 years now, became a head trainer at my site, and 200 hours of internship with a...
  3. supermarinara

    2020-2021 Cooper Medical School Rowan University Advanced Pre-Med Post Bacc

    Hey all! Got accepted and planning to attend, just wanted to create this thread so we could support each other through this and in case anyone has any questions. We got this!!
  4. E


  5. S

    2018-2019 Cooper Medical School Rowan University Advanced Pre-Med Post Bacc Acceptances

    Did anyone get accepted to the program? Only 16-24 get accepted I heard. Let me know
  6. S

    Rowan Post bacc DO linkage

    I haven't seen a post regarding the linkage of Rowan's Post bacc program to the DO school. Does anyone know what is required to get into the DO program via the post bacc? Any info would be appreciated.
  7. S

    Rowan MBS program vs. Midwestern (Glendale) MABS program

    I've been accepted to both programs. Made a list of a few notable points for each, can't decide where to go. Rowan: Guaranteed interview with a 3.6 GPA NJ is close to fam Tuition is 30k Waiting to hear back on specific statistics regarding how many interviewed applicants from the MBS program...
  8. 6

    DO or MD ? (rowan v drexel)

    Hi! Looking for some advice here as to if I should choose my state DO school (Rowan, which I love) or an out of state MD school I was recently admitted to (Drexel). I really want to pursue pediatrics, and do not see a problem with landing a residency at either school. I also really like both...
  9. C

    RowanSOM vs PCOM

    I have been accepted to both programs and need to decide which one to attend. I am a NJ resident so Rowan is cheaper but I have heard amazing things about PCOM that might be worth the extra 10k? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!!
  10. 7

    DO School -> Residency

    Hello Everyone, I have read many many posts and forums regarding this whole topic of DO school and residency. I do fully understand that MD vs. DO, the title is not everything. It is how the student does in school, board exams, interaction with your faculty, etc. With my stats, I am more fitted...
  11. southjersey54

    Rowan som interview

    recently interviewed at rowan som (9/24/15). 3.9 cgpa and 3.9 sgpa. 27 MCAT. Psych major from rutgers camden. Research and shadowing experience. I think interview went reasonably well. Having interviewed this early, what are my chances of receiving an acceptance letter? I made it clear to them...