1. CAtoATX

    Royal Veterinary College (RVC) Student Housing

    To any future RVC students, I am a first year Accelerated BVetMed student at the Royal Veterinary College. I understand that some students will be getting their acceptance letters around this time for the upcoming September 2018 start date. If accepted, you will have a few options for...
  2. themuttonmidwife

    UK/Irish Vet Schools c/o 2022 (Hopefuls)

    For anyone out there who has applied or is applying to UK/Irish vet schools for September 2018 start (c/o 2022)!
  3. S

    ELORs for RVC

    Hey guys, I need some advice on how to move forward with eLORs. I can't find a similar question anywhere in the forum history so I apologize in advance if this is a repetitive topic. Last year I applied to four universities in the UK through UCAS, which requires work experience to be documented...
  4. A

    DVM/PhD in US or UK?

    Hey Everyone! I have a sort of unique dilemma, and I'd love to hear what you guys think is the best choice. I've been accepted to my in state DVM/PhD program, and also to RVC, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Research is my primary career interest in vetmed so I was thrilled when I was accepted to my...