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    In need of some input? Pre-pharm chem grades

    Mid-semester blues happening right about now. Worries for daysssssss. My overall cumulative GPA is 1 3.65 and my science grades are... Gen chem 1: B+ Gen chem 2: B+ Bio 1: A Bio 2: A Orgo 1: B- Heart breaking I know :( I would get A's on several exams in all my chems but somehow get screwed...
  2. L

    AK Mpje...round 2

    Hi everyone. I just took my mpje for the second time today and felt like I completely failed it. I passed my NAPLEX on my first try the first week of October. I scheduled my first mpje a week after I took the NAPLEX. I was working the whole time and only had one full day of studying. I failed...
  3. K

    help!!! what do I do junior year

    Okay so I'm going to be a junior in the fall and am kind of nervous. if it matters I have a 3.74... Freshman year: worked in biochemistry lab Summer: did research at state medical center, poster, no publication 24 hours of volunteering at recreational therapy center for kids (I have been doing...
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    Am I not Serious enough??

    i did it
  5. F


    Okay is it just me, or is Crack DAT science super random and horrible? I feel like it's meant to trick you I did the OCHEM exam and I got an 18 !!!!!:rage: I'm good at OCHEM :(,. I got a 25 on the 2007 ADA test and a 21 on the 2009 ADA exam What do i do? What practice exam is closest to the...
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    In need of advice

    Waiting on these letters from PT school have gotten me down lately :( I thought for sure I would have had a few decisions by now. Unfortunately, the only decision I received was a rejection letter from my top school (UMES) which has me even more down lol. They told me I was "qualified, but they...