1. R

    For Sale MCAT Books

    Kaplan Test Prep's 'MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2nd edition - Biochemistry, Physics and Math, Biology, Chemistry, Behavioral Sciences, CARS, Chemistry, and Summary Book $50 + shipping (Orig. $120) Nextstep Strategy and Practice & CARS Book - Psychology/Sociology, CARS...
  2. D

    For Sale Various Psychological tests and supplies

    Hi everyone! I've been on this site for a while but never had an account. I was recently gifted a lot of exams courtesy of a retiring psychologist. I got a military internship, though, and won't be having to purchase my own exams for the foreseeable future. So here's what I have that I'm...
  3. wizarddoc2213

    Kaplan MCAT 7 Book Set $40 (Great Condition)

    Hi Pre-Meds! I am looking to sell my Kaplan Book Set (7 books, all the subjects) for $40! The books are in great condition. I also have the high-yield problem solving guide that I can throw in, but it has some writing in it! Please comment if you're interested and we can go from there! They are...
  4. A

    Selling: TPR Hyperlearning 2011, TBR Complete 2013, EK Complete 9th Ed, Kaplan Biochem 2nd Ed

    I'm selling the following. Everything is for the new MCAT. -SOLD ---TPR Hyperlearning, 2011, very good condition--- SOLD -SOLD ---TBR Complete Set, 2013, good condition, some pen marks--- SOLD -TBR Biology Part 1 and 2, 2015, new condition, no markings -EK Complete Set, 9th Ed, 2015, like new...
  5. M

    Looking to Purchase Kaplan MCAT Online Access

    I'm interested in purchasing access to someone's Kaplan subscription for its duration...I just want the MCAT Qbank, and tests, so no need for the entire package. Apparently Kaplan used to let you just buy the Qbank but they don't anymore...I don't want to pay $2000 to get it. Willing to pay fair...
  6. M

    MCAT Books for Sale!! Kaplan, Official Guide, Examcrackers

    Hi - just finished taking the new MCAT this summer and am looking to sell my books. I have Kaplan Biochemistry Review, Kaplan MCAT Flashcards (1,000), the AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT Exam with practice test questions, Exam Krackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning, and the Princeton...
  7. S

    PNN and Prontopass Math

    I have the current version of PNN lecture book, quiz book and chart book for sell for $300 Prontopass Math cards for $75 (includes shipping)
  8. AdamPolach

    For Sale Philips Rappaport-Sprague Stethoscope for sale

    Selling completely new, unused Rappaport-Sprague-type steth. by Philips, model no. 280-a02 Not sure bout teh price, so say ur offer and we can make a deal. no lowballs though please For further info or pics pm me on [email protected] bb
  9. cvalliere

    Selling OAT Destroyer and Kaplan Books

    OAT Destroyer 2016 O-Chem, Gen Chem, Bio, Quantitative reasoning OAT Destroyer 2016 Physics Kaplan Flashcards Big Kaplan Review Notes Book Shoot me a message! or email at [email protected]
  10. H

    Selling Gen Chem Destroyer, Kaplan Blue Book, Organic Chem Odyssey, Math Destroyer.

    All untouched. Math Destroyer does have the first two tests done though. (There are like 12 more in there untouched) Prices are flexible. PM me for info!
  11. dramatrauma

    For Sale .

  12. E

    RxPrep testbank

    Please is anyone selling the RxPrep testbank valid till October.....please private message me or send me an email on [email protected]
  13. D

    PCAT Dr Collins for sale

    Hi im selling the Dr Collins PCAT prep. Its updated up to 2015, but it'll help with the kinds of questions that'll show up on the PCAT which involve recite and memory, even though the verbal ability section is not on the exam anymore. The cost is $200 but the price is negotiable.
  14. C

    Selling new Q-optics loupes

    Hi, I am selling my new Q-optics loupes for $650. Email me at [email protected] for all the measurements and detail
  15. C

    For Sale Selling new Q-optics dental loupes

    Hi, I am selling my new Q-optics loupes for $650. Email me at [email protected] for all the measurements and more details
  16. H

    oat practice tests and books study materials for sale

    SELLING OAT BOOKS! Great resources that helped me score 97th percentile :) ALL IN LIKE-NEW condition! any markings (very very few) are in light pencil that can easily be erased Kaplan 2016 big blue book-includes all info of all sections along with practice questions OAT DESTROYER book: must...
  17. F

    Selling DAT destroyer and Math destroyer

    Just took the DATs and I have DAT destroyer and Math destroyer. THESE BOOKS HELPED ME GET A 24 Total SCIENCE! DON'T MISS OUT. Both have normal usage wear and are 2014 editions (material is all relevant! Just used it for a june 2016 test). None of the problems are solved in either book...
  18. LXUDM

    My DAT breakdown & 2M datQvault RC left for sale

  19. T

    For sale Bench test prep teeth - Kilgore , Columbia , mounting pole

    Hi , Please shoot out a message in my inbox if u are in need for Columbia / Kilgore teeth and mounting pole . I live in San Antonio and I am ready to ship stuff . I am moving to the east coast in 2 weeks . Want the sell stuff before I move . Thanks
  20. E

    For Sale 2015 DAT Destroyer Materials For Sale!

    Hello Everyone, I am a pre-dental student who recently sat for the DAT exam and is selling my DAT Prep books at a discounted price. I saw my friend's 2016 version of these materials and they are pretty much the same. Nonetheless, I have the following books up for grabs: DAT Destroyer (2015...
  21. A

    Lots of MCAT books for sale - great shape (TPR, ExamKrackers, Kaplan, Novas)

    The following set of books make a comprehensive study package for the MCAT. (I am located in Los Angeles, CA -- shipping not included in rates) 1) Exam Krackers - 2016 9th Edition Complete Study Package -- $175 -- Like New (books NOT sold separately) 2) The Princeton Review (TPR) 2015 Science...
  22. A

    GRE EST 2nd edition (3 books)

    Hello everyone, I am selling Official Guide to GRE 2nd edition by EST who are creators of GRE exams. There are total of 3 books, for verbal section, quantitative section and study guide. All are in brand new conditions. Please reply for more details or email me at: [email protected]...
  23. D

    WAIS-III for Sale

    Good afternoon everyone! I have a gently used WAIS-III Kit for sale. The kit is in Like New condition and is complete. Kit includes all manuals, subtest materials, response forms, and scoring sheets. I will accept any reasonable offer. Please email me at [email protected] for further...
  24. A

    PCAT Dr.Collins for Sale

    Hello everyone, I am selling Dr.Collins 2013 version for sale and it will be online version. I can show video of proof as well. Please reply for details.
  25. K

    For Sale Dr. Collin's PCAT

    For sale, $200 obo dr. collins pcat. Some writing (about 10-20%). Essay never used so still able to send in and receive grade/ feedback. Ordered brand new from Dr. Collins in 2014. Studied for 1 month and received over a 90 on all sections. Message me: [email protected]
  26. R

    MCAT Review Book Sets!!!!

    Kaplan 5 Book Review Series for Old MCAT Organic Chemistry General Chemistry Verbal Reasoning Biology Physics + Quicksheets Like New $10 OBO Princeton Review for OLD MCAT Verbal Reasoning Biology Physics and Math General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Hyperlearning In Class Compendium...
  27. Elsevier

    Save 30% on Elsevier medical books!

    Special SDN offer! Save 30% on Elsevier medical books and eBooks. Use promo code BBJ8E15848 at checkout. SHOP HERE!
  28. V

    PCAT study material for sale

    For sale DR. Collins updated to 2015 Kaplan PCAT 2014-2015 The Princeton Review Cracking the PCAT If interested: PM Email me [email protected]
  29. armadillo324

    For Sale $115 DAT Destroyer 2014 Version & MATH Destroyer 2013 Version

    Hi! I'm selling these two books together. The DAT Destroyer has writing in less than 10 pages total. The MATH Destroyer has writing in Tests 1-3, but the other Tests (the other 11) are not solved. Books are used but in good condition. $115, I'll cover shipping. If interested/have any...
  30. books7

    For Sale ORASCOPTIC HiRes 2 (2.5x) Loupes (Excellent Condition)

    For sale: Orascoptic HiRes 2 Loupes 2.5x magnification Rudy Project Rydon sport frame Carbon Color Lightweight Through-the-Lens (TTL) design 1.6 oz (44.5 g) Excellent optics (anti-strach and anti-refective coating) High Index polycarbonate lenses Field Width: 4.3" (10.9 cm) Field Depth: 6"...
  31. H

    For Sale Like New Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope Set for Sale

    Barely used, like new, Welch Allyn Coaxial Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope Set for sale. Asking $450. PayPal only
  32. N

    2015 TPR Science Workbook, CARS Workbook, In Class Compendium---Brand New

    I am selling the Science Workbook, CARS Workbook, and In-Class Compendium individually. They are very difficult to find and provide great practice. These copies have never been used and are in brand new condition. PM for offers!
  33. H

    Selling MCAT Berkeley Review book set 2012 (full set)

    Hello, I have a MCAT Berkeley Review set (2012) and I don't need them anymore. I also have a lot of previous practice exams and questions. I want to sell them all. The Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  34. R

    UWorld Step 3 sellings

    Hi, I initially planned to take Step 3 in Jan, but just took it in Nov. So I still have some time left on my UWorld stuff if you are interested. Step 3 CCS: expires 4/4/2016, so I have 5 months left. Would cost about $169 - selling for $100. Step 3 QBank: expires 1/29/2016, so I have 2...
  35. I

    Dr. Collins 2015/2016

    Hello, I'm selling my Dr. Collins january and july updated for $120 free priority two day shipping. Message me if interested to [email protected]
  36. C

    Selling ALL 5 Kaplan 2015 MCAT Books ($130) and Examkrackers

    Hello there! I am selling my Kaplan 2015 MCAT Review bookset, which includes: Biology, Critical Analysis and Reading (CARs), General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology, and Physics. It will include an MCAT quicksheet. Please message me if you are interested...
  37. J

    For Sale Doctors in Training Step 2 CK Review Course

    I have an unused USMLE Step 2 CK 2016 Review Course for sale! My school bought these for us but I do not intend on using it because I retain close to nothing from lecture-style/auditory learning. This product runs for $799 and I am selling it for $500. PM me for more details if you are...