sample test

  1. D

    substrate concentration and affinity question

    As a general question in kinetics, when we are under LOW conditions of substrate, do we want HIGH or LOW affinity for the substrate? I have in my notes that when we are under low substrate conditions, we want low affinity for the substrate because we don't want to be using it up so much since...
  2. T

    The MCAT Prediction! AAMC Practice Tests

    Hello all, So.... my MCAT is officially a month away and I am curious as to what the future holds for my score. About 3 weeks ago I took the AAMC and got a 502 (126/123/126/127 CARS killed me). Disappointed, I cranked up my studying a couple notches. Well today I took the AAMC Sample test and...
  3. J

    2 weeks out from MCAT

    Just took the AAMC sample test C/P : 80% CARS: 75% B/B: 81% P/S: 83% I feel like this was a fluke since I was scoring on average 62% on EK 1,2,3 Finished content review and have been doing Uworld for the last 2 weeks and am about 1/4 done with it and plan to do more questions per day. Is...
  4. F

    Should I take Sample or AAMC FL3?

    I test in 3 days and I only have one day off of research where I can take a full length. I've taken AAMC FL1 and 2 and I want to take another AAMC based exam tomorrow. Which did you find to be more beneficial/representative to take and review, the Sample or AAMC FL3?
  5. L

    Is the AAMC Sample test representative of the real MCAT

    I take the real MCAT in 16 days. I just took the sample test and my percentages were: chem/phys 54%, CARS 87%, bio/biochem 78%, psych/soc 85%. I found a couple of conversions on SDN and Reddit which put me at making a 509-511 on the real thing, which would be really nice. I haven't had...
  6. Roayer

    People Who retook the Sample/Scored

    Hi. For people who retook the sample and scored for a second time at least a month after they took it for the first time would you mind posting your retake scores and actual MCAT score. I'm trying to see how it correlated to your real score. A few people (myself including) are wondering...
  7. theNDhopeful44

    AAMC Scored vs. Unscored Test

    For those who've taken both- how do they compare? If you do well on one, do you typically do well on the other? I received a 76% overall on the sample (76/74/68/85) and I'm aiming for a 510+ on test day. How does the scored test compare? FWIW, here are my Kaplan FL scores: FL 1: 499 FL 2: 497...
  8. redraincoat13

    AAMC Sample Test C/P Section Questions *spoilers*

    Hey for anyone who already took the sample test, could you please explain C/P #39 and #56 please? #38 - says mevalonic acid (on the right of the equation) will equilibrate with another structure can someone explain why mevalonic acid will form a six membered ring with only three oxygens...