1. A

    How do you all feel when answering CARS questions?

    When I select answers for the CARS passages, I feel like I'm guessing on almost all my answers. I am only certain of my answer choices a few times throughout the CARS sections. I'm doing decent on the CARS Q-packs and I also did decent on the PR review CARS sections. Its not like im missing a...
  2. physiogirl2019

    AAMC Section Bank B/B Q16

    The right answer was C, which I understand after the explanation. But, I chose A because of ryanodine receptors in the SR, and calcium-mediated calcium release. Was anyone else confused about this? And does anyone have any explanation why A is 100% wrong? Thanks!
  3. M

    Reading Comprehension Strategy: Search and Destroy

    A quick tip on the RC section of the DAT: Search and Destroy Paragraphs are numbered, therefore: –As you quickly skim the passage, write down a brief (1-4 words) summary and keywords of each paragraph. –The list you make should help you quickly find the answer to each question by identifying...
  4. _expecto__

    postmortem stains question

    I've been recently preparing for my section training and found something I don't understand. of course in patients who die from carbon monoxide poisoning we can see pink-colored postmortem stains, the liver is pink and so on... but I've red that you get similar(pink) postmortem stains when the...
  5. O

    How to Study?

    So I have been scrolling through SDN for awhile now and I have seen a lot of breakdowns but I wanna personally ask a few questions? 1.) for someone who has never done ANY PAT questions where should one begin? How should they begin? and is their any guides you thought were most helpful for...
  6. L

    Too many FLs? and What AAMC material should I buy?

    Hey everyone, I just finished EK 4, got a 72% (82%,60%,75%,71%). I'm scheduled to take the MCAT on Jan. 28th, but I'm not sure what AAMC material I should purchase. I currently have the sample test+both scored FLs, +the AAMC flashcards. Considering the time I have left, would it be better to...
  7. O

    P/S Section Bank Questions

    Hello, As you may know, the explanations in the AAMC questions suck. So if people want to use this thread for answering P/S section bank related questions that would be great! I would be thankful if people can explain these questions to me: 9) Am I supposed to know that IQ tests are...
  8. Averitablechowhound

    MCAT TBR MCAT Practice Test 1 2016

    Question that I found on TBR's first practice test in the Pscyh section: re 46. By the start of the great recession in 2008, annual health-related costs in the United States were approximately: A. $3.8 trillion. B. $2.1 trillion.B is the best answer. $2.1 trillion, or about 15% of the gross...
  9. Juice Loosener

    Including Alcohol Related Interest on Hobbies & Interests section

    I sent in my ERAS last week including 'craft beer' amongst my list of some 20 hobbies/interests. Under advice of a good friend I thought it would be okay to leave it in. After talking with some others today who highly disapprove, I worry that I may have made a big mistake leaving it in. Will...