1. wannabedoc1231

    Retaking MCAT- best prep method?

    My first attempt with MCAT has been horrible. I registered to take it in May 2017 and thought that I could prepare for it while going to school in Spring 2017, but I was wrong and had to reschedule it to June 2017. Couple of weeks before the test, life happened and I had to reschedule it again...
  2. V

    What content is missing from The Princeton Review review books?

    I have the full set of TPR books, but I heard that TPR doesn't have all the content covered on the MCAT. Do y'all know which specific kind of content is missing? And if y'all do, which specific books should I seek out to fill in those gaps?
  3. A

    Am I doing this wrong? Advice for an auto-didact

    So I'm currently between my 3rd and 4th years of undergrad, I'm mainly studying for the MCAT right now (5-6 hours a day). When I'm not, I sometimes enjoy reading this pathology textbook I found online that is for med students or I look up how to read chest x-rays online trying to stick to...
  4. V


    Hi all, I took the DAT last month, and the computer malfunctioned, thus I have to retake the exam. I am wondering what people thought of Kaplans On-line self study? I only have a month to take it, so I'd have to do the course in that amount of time. I am very dedicated and would study every...