1. M

    Seeking Therapists for Brief Online Study (Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!) - New/Fixed Link!!!

    Hello everyone, It's been brought to my attention that the link in my previous post about this same project was not working. I apologize! Here is the post again with a corrected link. Thank you, Michael --- Hello everyone! I am a fourth year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Long...
  2. D

    MD & DO Skills to develop

    What professional skills are good to learn during medical studies? The medical education system in my country is based on theoretical learning, and it doesn't focus on practical learning. Due to this we (the students) have begun to organize various training with professional trainers on...
  3. riba

    Study efficiency tips for dental school?

    Hello, I'm going to be beginning dental school this year and am currently taking my last prerequisite this semester... Ideally I would like to use this last course as a "practice run" so to speak for study skills. I achieve good results with my current study technique (go to lecture->write...
  4. T

    Why do local dentists hire Temple over Penn/NYU due to clinical skills?

    Hello SDN. This is first post of mine and please excuse English as is not first language (Singapore). I have been shadow practice in Pennsylvania and New York for past three months. Five doctors told me that they do not hire Penn or NYU new completed students. Only Temple, but sometimes Pitt or...
  5. I

    Horrible interview skills

    hi im a premed. so heres the thing, everyone since the beginning of my life hates me and i was always bullied. I have a terrible relationship with my parents. my dad doesnt like me and my mom annoyed the crap out of me during my entire childhood. every interview (med school or job) has resulted...
  6. M

    besides the examinations, what else?

    Hello everyone, I guess what i'm gonna ask was asked thousands of times before me. First of all, sorry for this. I'm a medical student and i'm in my third year. I want to get matched in Canada for medical residency. (i'm from Turkey). The question is, besides all the examinations (MCCEE, NAC...
  7. AlphaBeta<3


    I was thinking about trying to reach out to researchers to maybe get onboard with them. A few questions: 1. What should I say? How are you supposed to start that email? Like, I feel like being a random stranger asking to just jump onboard with them is kind of weird. 2. Would it be bad to reach...
  8. P

    MCAT 2015: Possible to relate Topics to Reasoning Skills?

    Has anyone tried to narrow down which specific topics in the Biology section are more likely to be asked as a Knowledge of Scientific Concepts and Principles (Skill 1) question? Some intuition regarding this would give my studying (and others') a bit more direction. Thanks!