1. N

    Communication Sciences/Disorders Undergrad?

    Hi! Okay, so I'm a little late in the game in switching to pre-med. I am currently a junior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders (previously on an SLP track) and Hispanic Studies. I am planning on adding an extra year + summer classes to get a minor in Biology along with the pre-reqs...
  2. C

    Pre-SLP switching to Pre-Med... with a not-so-supportive boyfriend and family. Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, So, I am currently studying Speech-language pathology at college that offers their program mostly online, which is great but here's the thing... I really feel like if I continue and become an SLP, I'd be settling with a career that I'm not totally invested in. I've wanted to be an...
  3. G

    Different Major

    I'm a communication disorder major thinking about doing either OT/PT. My GPA sits around 3.2-3.4 depending on how I do my last semester. Should I/could I get into a post-bacc program or should I just take prereqs for the DPT or Masters of OT programs? Thanks in advance.
  4. drfee

    Wanted:PT, OT, and SLP student participation! Rehab Students!

    Please complete this 3 minute survey by copying clicking in the blue link below. I am doing research on the PT, OT, and SLP application process and finding the most useful tools that helped you get in. This will help many future hopeful therapy students in the future so please take a few...
  5. anilynn

    Applying to Grad School Essay writing for SLP - not enough experience

    Hey everyone So, I'm currently an undergraduate in a Communicative Disorders and Sciences program applying for grad school. I have a problem and that is that I don't have a lot of experience outside of school that are SLP-related. I originally was going towards a degree in Accounting, but...
  6. W

    Advice on SLP Post-Bacc / PreReqs?

    I'm planning on applying to MS/MA SLP programs and am a little uncertain about what to do when it comes to pre-reqs and post-bacc programs. I'm a non-major (BA International Affairs, minors in German and International Human Rights / MA Political Science) with a few general science courses...
  7. K

    Wayne State University Roommate

    Attending WSU this Fall (2016). Looking for a higher level student to live with and understand the hectic lifestyle! Possible in Midtown Detroit or out near Royal Oak/Ferndale, etc. I will be receiving my Master's for Speech Language Pathology. :)
  8. P

    H1B Sponsorship for california licensed PT, SLP, OT

    Premier Rehab Services is interested in H1B visa sponsorship for California licensed (or in process) Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. The H1B employment visa program opens on April 1st each year for a week and runs through a lottery for 85000...