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  1. VivaElBirdos

    UTSW vs Dell (after Dell's first step scores released)

    I was fortunate to pre-match into these two schools. Has the comparison changed since the release of Dell's Step 1 scores? (244 average) They have higher Step averages, lower tuition and much smaller class size (50 vs 244). However, UTSW seems to be the safe bet with their established...
  2. amg_la

    UTSW Secondary question

    If you think that one or more of the following interests apply to you, check the appropriate box(es) and list specific experiences (academic, co-curricular, employment, personal, etc.) related to and supportive of this interest in the text box provided below. Do not use a paragraph format; list...
  3. N

    Texas Non-Trad/Career Change (MD)

    Hi All, I am looking for some guidance in deciding on a path towards medical school (pref. MD). A brief background: Dallas, TX resident Currently working in the IT industry B.S. Management Information Systems - Penn State University (2015) cGPA: 3.0 sGPA: 1.0 (Took a semester away from Penn...
  4. P

    MD 3.94, 520 MCAT

  5. E

    Southwestern vs Dell vs UT Houston

    I need help in deciding y'all. UT student. I pre matched to all three an d I'm having so many problems deciding. I know mine, but I would love to hear y'all's reasoning/ a new perspective.
  6. B

    Good school list?