1. Est1108

    How to become a doctor in Spain

    Hi🙂, I’m currently in high school (U.S) and was wondering if there is anyway I can attend medical school in Spain. Spanish is my first language and I want to study in spain for med school. Is there any way I can do this? Do I get a bachelors then transfer? Or can I go right after high school...
  2. D

    International Practice Rights?

    Pod student here. I understand that DPM is an American degree with no guarantee of practice rights abroad (heck, there's no guarantee of practice rights state-to-state), but I would be very interested in working in Southern Europe seasonally if not full time. Does anyone have experience with...
  3. Prescribe_Rock&Roll

    American Seeking to Study Medicine in Spain

    I am a nontraditional, 28-year-old American from Boston, Massachusetts. I am set to earn my undergraduate degree by December 2019—a BS in Exercise & Health Sciences, minor in Biology. Aside from having previously changed my major like a hundred times before realizing my passion for medicine and...
  4. D

    International Colleges from US to other countries

    Hello all, Currently I am applying for colleges but I have a few questions and issues that needs resolving. Conisdering the cost to become a doctor, how could I shorten the cost in order to become one? College will cost an incredible amount of money and not to mention medical school... I have...
  5. D

    Graduate Medicine Outside UK - Spain?

    Hi I have completed my Dentistry in the UK I am looking at my options for medical school I will be looking for a graduate entry course, so ideally 4 year course Is there anywhere people would recommend around the world. I am quite clued up with what is available in the UK, however would...
  6. JGRbrah

    How do you mark that you are a URM?

    So how does AMCAS determine whether you are URM or not? On the application,, you first mark your general race, (Hispanic, black, etc.) and THEN specifically which race you are (Puerto Rican, Argentinian, etc.). So where does AMCAS make the distinction? Are you flagged as a URM by clicking the...
  7. L

    Studying Medicine and/or Practicing in Spain

    Hello, I am currently an undergraduate student, my major is in Biotechnology. I study in Puerto Rico, and over here it is a 6 year program. I am interested in studying medicine in Spain (I have also the opportunity to study medicine in the Dominican Republic which is accredited in Spain). I...
  8. M

    How do I apply for medicine in Spain?

    Hi guys :D I'm a 23 year old girl from Italy living in London. I want to study medicine in Spain, Barcelona. I had a look about the university of catalonia but I'm a bit confused about the process and what I need to do I'd like to know the steps to do for enrolling next year, the deadlines, if...