1. Z3TOR

    Questions about applications for dental residency/specialization programs abroad

    Greetings. I'm a recent bachelor's graduate form saudi arabia i'm looking for specialized dental programs that I can apply to from the following countries USA Canada UK Ireland Australia though i'm not sure what even the difference does it matter if ites master or simple specialization...
  2. H

    Is being a specialist better than a general dentist?

    I want to specialize because I heard many people said that if you’ve good grades, specialize, which makes me feel like being a specialist is much better than being a GP in terms of money and lifestyle. I’m a D1, so I don’t know which specialties I’m interested in yet, but I want to get good...
  3. A

    Undergraduate student from Texas wanting to complete a medical degree in the Czech Republic.

    Hey, I’m a sophomore at an undergraduate program in Texas (I’m a US citizen with a US passport). I’m currently completing pre medical requirements with an Interdisciplinary Degree (foundations in natural sciences and arts and humanities, with a concentration in health). I want to go medical...
  4. A

    Dental school residency timeline- pre dental student with questions

    Hey everyone. Can someone give me an explanation or timeline on how you decide and get into a specialization? I mean do you just randomly decide you wanna do it then apply? What is a "residency" ? Is it like med school where ur just working and getting a little pay? Or do u have to pay like...
  5. Babbitt4MVP

    Do all schools want you to go into primary care?

    I realize the simple answer is no. But I have heard a lot of emphasis on this given our shortage of primary care docs, and more than a few schools specifically mention it in their mission statement. I personally don't want to be a primary care doctor. I've shadowed one, I have great respect...
  6. D

    TFCC tear in wrist

    I’ve been dealing with a TFCC tear and ECU tendon strain with instability in the wrist since I graduated five years ago. Both problems only made themselves known after I graduated and moved in to full time practice. Based on symptoms, I’ve been told that the problem has been there since my...
  7. S

    Pitt, Temple, Maryland, and Louisville

    Very happy to have a decision to make. Just having a hard time making said decision. Being from PA, I have instate tuition at both Temple and Pitt, so these schools would be a lot cheaper for me to attend, with Pitt being slightly cheaper. However, the location of Temple is better as it is...
  8. J

    Orthopedics: Residency vs. Specialization?

    Hey everyone, As I'm making my way through my DPT program at University of St. Augustine, I'm contemplating what my career plans will be post-graduation. I know that I will definitely want to do Orthopedic PT, and my ultimate goal is to reach a level of competence and experience that will make...
  9. T

    How can a specialization help your career?

    Hello, Pardon my ignorance. I am new to the idea of becoming a veterinarian. I heard that veterinarians can teach at a vet school if they have a PhD or if they have a specialization under their belt. My question is if it is parallel to the specialization that human physicians do? How would it...