spring 2019

  1. A

    BCPS Study Tips for Policy/Regulatory Please

    I am taking the BCPS exam in the spring and I read a lot on forums how important it is to study the policy/regulatory sections but I am so overwhelmed by the amount of information in those sections that I feel like it's taking so much of time from other sections. (I am aware biostats is just as...
  2. D

    What Classes Do I Have Left to Take?

    So these () are all the classes I have taken so far and maintained 3.8 GPA. I am majoring in chemistry and was wondering what I should take to have a good chance at most dental schools. I have 3 semesters left: Spring 19, Fall 19, and Spring 20. How should I spread the classes to make time for...
  3. M

    Best Baseline Diagnostic Exam to use before starting to study

    Hello, a few questions!! I am planning to take the March MCAT (I will be a second sem junior) so I have a little under 5 months to prepare. I am wondering what the best exam to take to find out my current standing is. I know that the AAMC materials are the best. Should I use the first exam as a...
  4. D

    Azusa Pacific University DPT class entering Spring 2019

    What’s up everyone! I wanted to start a thread for those that will be joining the Spring 2019 cohort at APU, can’t wait to meet you all!
  5. humerus_pt

    University of St Augustine Spring 2019

    Hey guys! Just wanted to create a forum for those applying to USAHS for Spring 2019 (St. Augustine location)! I initially planned to apply for Fall 2018 but decided not to because my stats aren't competitive. My advisor (Juan) reached out last month & suggested that I apply for Spring 2019, so...
  6. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's West Coast University - 2019 MSOT

    Hi! Has anyone sent in their application for WCU's 2019 Spring MSOT program? If so, have you heard back from them for an interview? Also, I've created this thread for anything that relates to WCU's Spring 2019 MSOT program since I haven't seen one made for it yet.