1. P

    Starting residency depression, need advice

    I am 1 month into my residency program, just finishing my internship. This past month has been hard, my patient load has been anywhere from 15-30 patients, many people I've talked to say "you're just starting, you need time to get used to it". I need somewhere to start. Are there any...
  2. T

    Am I to old?

    hey everyone I’m 27 and just started going to community college for the past semester I have been pursuing a career in law enforcement but recent events has made me ask myself if I want to get into medicine. My 17 year old cousin is pretty much dying of cancer and seeing the way his parents are...
  3. bernas

    Step by Step DMD Degree???

    Hi, I am a new resident in NJ. I am a ftd. It is difficult to understand some points by searching online. I want to work in USA as general practitioner. I don't know where to start? Could someone please tell me the process simplifying?
  4. lhargreavescrewe

    Kiss me goodnight and tell me I'm pretty

    This is a shameless attention seeking style of please help me note. Please note brief life story will follow - annoying, I know, but I would appreciate the read and comments, please bear with me. I'm 25, long story short, standard dead mother by 7, evil step mother by 11, kicked out at 16...
  5. MedicalMermaid

    How does the AACOMAS application process/timeline work?

    Hello again everyone! I am new to applying for med school and am a bit confused about how the application timeline works and was hoping someone could explain it to me. I saw that the AACOMAS application for the 2016 cycle opened on May 2015 and then each school has a different deadline...
  6. Shaco007

    Medical student looking for residency in Ireland/Scotland

    Hey, Im finishing up my medical studies in Romania and will receive my medical degree this September, with Canadian citizenship. Upon beginning to do some research into Ireland, i found out that the deadline for handing in applications for internship/residency is June-July (correct me if im...
  7. JustinLeeDPT

    GREAT OPPORTUNITY for a PT who wants to OWN their own clinic

    Hello fellow PTs! My name is Justin Lee, I am a Physical Therapist from Los Angeles, California. I'm a DPT who's an entrepreneur at heart. I've started 2 successful businesses in college, one of which was a mobile technology company that served PTs around the US. Currently, I am the owner and...