1. C

    Does super small state school REALLY not matter?

    So, I know this question gets asked a lot, but I’m attending a *really small state school. There were a total of 17 students last year who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology last year. Overall, though... Great staff, small classes (good for getting to know the professors), guaranteed...
  2. P

    Does it look bad if you do all your away rotations in one state?

    If you wanted to go back home to a particular state and did all your away rotations in that state, but also applied outside of it, would it look bad to programs in states other than that one? They can see the locations of the away rotations, I presume, yes?
  3. H

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med

    Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med. I am a US Medical Graduate, passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt. I also have another doctorate in health care. I received my PGY1 credit this past March 2018. I am also applying for my physician licensure but i...
  4. D

    Big Name Undergraduate and Premed or Less Expensive University and Postbac?

    Hello there, I have read on here for a while without an account and have seen the countless amount of times someone has recommended doing an undergrad major that you are passionate + can get good grades in, and then do a Postbac year. That being said, my parents believe that being at a big name...
  5. M

    Claiming Residency of a State to Pay In-State Tuition

    I'm just curious if this is a thing, but is it possible to somehow claim residency of a state after a year of dental school in order to pay in-state tuition? I realize it probably isn't that easy, but I've heard states differ with regards to what the requirements are for residency.
  6. Gonzalo de Montalvo

    Personal Statement - OK to express wanting to return to home state?

    Hi, I'm from a WWAMI state--in other words, no med schools here--and I was just wondering if it is OK in my personal statement to mention wanting to go back to my state in the long run? Drafting my PS I make a point about wanting to help diverse communities other than my own early on in my...

    US citizen from NY living in Canada for past 7 years as Canadian citizen, am I a legal US resident?

    Hi! I'm filling out my AMCAS app and I am unsure what to enter for my state of legal residence. I am a US citizen who lived in NY for 23 years, then moved to Canada 7 years ago and became a Canadian citizen. I do not think I should write that I am not a legal resident, that would make no sense...
  8. PreMedHeart

    Childhood Demographics States

    So under the state listed for childhood, AMCAS states: In what area did you spend the majority of your life from birth to age eighteen? I'm having trouble answering this seemingly simple question because I literally spent half of my life in two different states. I assume I should list the one...
  9. Upstage

    Best city for medical school?

    Just curious if you all could choose which state/city to live in for medical school-- where would it be and why? For me i'm really interested in being in big cities/states like California(Native),Florida, or New York. My partner is in the marketing/advertising field and we really feel like the...
  10. M

    Sacramento State DPT Fall 2017

    Did anyone accept their invitation yet to Sac State? I've been put on top 20 waitlist but my friend who is a first year has told me there are a couple of classmates that were on the top 30 waitlist! Staying hopeful! Let us know of your decisions and status regarding this program
  11. H

    Harvard vs. State School

    Hey everyone, I know that this is a thread that's been done many times before, but really want to hear as much input and perspectives as possible. First off, the total cost of school is incredibly expensive at Harvard. It totals to around 400,000 for all four years. Meanwhile, VCU totals to...
  12. Mao12

    Unidentified Chemical Reaction triggered at Will

    I posted this on this forum on "Allopathic" I did that by mistake due to my inexperience in this forum, however people started answering there, so I'm going to keep it there. But I will also post it here since I believe Neurology may be closer. It's more like a special ability. I have it since...
  13. OT1224

    Coursework & Fieldwork Information about field works? Tips, advices, etc

    Hello, Because all OT students are required to do field works, is there any information or tips you could share? In my school, mini fieldworks I (per population/types) happens every semester (starting semester 2). The last 6 months is a big fieldwork II. How many times a week you have to do...
  14. K

    In state preference

    Why do some school's websites say they have "no state preference" for applicants, but they clearly do? UCLA's website says "No preference is given to state of residence." But UCLA is 85% people from California. UCLA also interviewed about 4% of OOS apps and 13% of IS apps. Am I missing something??
  15. B

    Texas Residency Question

  16. K

    What schools are worth applying OOS?

    What data is most important in considering whether to apply to a school as an OOS applicant? Percentage out of state? What is a reasonable OOS percentage to make it worth applying to a particular school? Thanks :)
  17. M

    Governors State University

    Wanted to start a new thread for anyone who applied to Governors State Univerity in Chicago for the fall 2016 cycle. Supposed to be hearing back by November 25th for interview. Don't think I have a good shot being out of state.