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  1. StressedMD111

    ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! What should I do with low Step scores applying to FM residencies?

  2. Y

    Anki flashcards with the entire Uworld question's vignette: Is this a good strategy for me?

    Hi everyone! I need some advice regarding making anki flashcards with UWorld information. I've tried reading explanations and making only a few flashcards, but that didn't work well for me because I felt I needed more context. Tried to make a small summary of the vignette of the front and...
  3. aliceofbattenberg

    Step 1 and 2 timing for current M2s

    Hi all, Our school has given us some flexibility in terms of when we want to take Step 1 and Step 2, and I'm having trouble wading through the many pros and cons for these options, especially since getting dates with Prometric has become nearly impossible. My school is 2-4-2 and I will have...
  4. P

    Step 2 CK - Cancelled by Prometric

    So to all the people out there who's exam have being cancelled. We can help each other to find new available spots.
  5. GrabYourCoat

    What’s the latest you can take STEP 2 and still match for 2020-2021

    I’m a IMG who graduated in 2018 with US citizenship. I’m an expat who just got back late 2019. I’m studying for my STEPs and want to give STEP 1 and CS by the summer. What’s the latest I can give STEP 2 CK and still match?
  6. M

    USMLE Online Tutor Available Immediately

    Experience: I am currently a resident physician in the Mt. Sinai Medical System in NYC. I scored 264 on USMLE Step 1 when I took it in 2015 and 258 on Step 2 CK in 2016. Since then, I have tutored many students in-person and online via Skype with excellent outcomes. CV, references, and score...
  7. C

    UWorld STEP1 SIM 1 & 2 Exams for STEP 2

    Hey y'all! I never got around to doing the UWorld STEP1 SIM 1 & SIM 2 exams when I was preparing for Step 1 (still did great on that beast, so am grateful it all worked out), but I paid for them and still have them (never activated them), so now that I'm prepping for STEP 2, and since it's...
  8. B

    BOTH [FOR SALE!] 1) STEP 2 CK UW Subscription & 2) Kaplan STEP 2 CK Subscription

    TL;DR - Selling a UW STEP 2 CK question bank for $250, and a Kaplan STEP 2 CK qbank (includes included for free if you purchase the UWorld Qbank OR $25 if you only want the Kaplan qbank. Read below for more details! Both of these were purchased for me as unexpected gifts after I had already...
  9. A

    Has anyone gotten interviews applying to ERAS programs in December?

    In short, applied to IM programs in Sept without CK score. CK came out recently, i emailed programs i've applied to so they know. Im thinking about applying to more IM programs where the deadline is late Dec or early Jan. Would this be a waste of money as most programs have already filled...
  10. T

    Uworld Step 2 CK

    Hey guys, I have a subscription for CK available from June 20th-August 15th (almost 2 months) for $70 or OBO
  11. M

    Step 1, Step 2 ck, Step 2 CS tutoring

    I am an resident in anesthesiology at a top 10 school with step 1 and 2 CKscores > 240 (and first time pass in CS). I have teaching experiences in Kaplan as an MCAT instructor for 3 years and writing questions for Kaplan's Step 1 Qbank. If interested, I can offer insider advice on the following...
  12. T

    USMLE USMLE - Official 2016 Step 2 CK Experiences and Scores Thread

    Hello everyone! With 2016 around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to start this thread and continue the 2015 thread into the new year! Similar threads from the past have been extremely helpful to me (and I'm sure) and many others. Good luck to everyone taking Step 2 CK in 2016!
  13. C

    USMLE Has CMS been updated with new Questions?

    Hey guys,so I did all the Q's in the Clinical Mastery Series(CMS) back in July 2015,and the nbme website now says there are "new" forms that have been updated on December 4th 2015. I plan to give Step2 CK in Jan 2016 (ive delayed it enough already),so if theres anyone out there that can share...
  14. ss1997


    Hi I'm looking for a study partner to go over UW in a week and few extra days if needed. I'm in Orlando Florida and my plan is to study from early morning hours till late evening ( about 8-10 hours/day ) for a week with few breaks for refreshers and lunch. Hoping to go over concepts, reinforce...