UWorld STEP1 SIM 1 & 2 Exams for STEP 2

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Sep 29, 2013
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Hey y'all!

I never got around to doing the UWorld STEP1 SIM 1 & SIM 2 exams when I was preparing for Step 1 (still did great on that beast, so am grateful it all worked out), but I paid for them and still have them (never activated them), so now that I'm prepping for STEP 2, and since it's really hard to find full-length exams anywhere, besides of course the 2 UWorld STEP 2 SIM exams, do you think I would get any benefit from doing those two STEP 1 SIM exams as well?

For those who took STEP 2 already, what do you think? On the one hand, I realize STEP 1 is more basic science oriented than STEP 2, so there *might* be limited value to completing those tests, but I'm also reading that some who took STEP 2 were surprised by the number of preclinical / basic science questions they had on the test?

I really am curious and appreciate anyone's thoughts on the matter, thanks guys!


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Apr 27, 2016
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Step 2 is a different test. Having a strong base from step 1 is helpful, but training your brain towards step 1 is not of any use. Start thinking for the test you’re taking.