1. usmle0713

    CCS- aspirating some peanuts

    Hey guys. I was having this discussion with someone. There's a CCS case in which a baby (completely normal before) suddenly develops cough and stridor, and there were peanuts nearby. Baby can't breathe and is brought to the ER. No fever, unremarkable Hx. So, now in emergency, with oxygen, Iv...
  2. S

    Reapplying Gen Surg after Prelim year- take Step 3?

    Hi, I am a US grad who applied gen surg last year and soaped into a prelim GS position. My application was average without red flags other than low board scores. My step 1 was super low (but pass on 1st attempt) and my step 2 was 20pts higher (1st attempt). I'm 2 months in to my prelim year...
  3. C


  4. M

    My Step 3 Experience...

    For background, I'm an AMG doing anesthesiology. Step 1 : 235 Step 2 : 237 CS : passed on my 3rd attempt. Yeah that wasn't fun. Doing a medicine year. Wasn't allowed to take Step during floor and MICU months, so I didn't get to take it as early as I wanted. Plus I procrastinated. Started lazing...
  5. D

    Low pass in step 3, impact on getting heme/onc fellowship?

  6. MD69

    MD Unmatched! Please help with your advice!

    Hello everyone, I am a NON-US IMG with low board scores (Step 1: 212, Step 2 CK: 222, Step 2 CS: Pass 1st attempt, Step 3: 199). I had 5 USCE (3 at University of Miami, 1 at Northwestern and 1 at Cleveland Clinic FL) and received 5 strong LORs. I applied into Internal Medicine Categorical, had...
  7. A

    Failed step 3, advice/help

    So I just got my step3 result and I failed by 2 points. I am an IMG applying this year for the 2018 match, so my question is how bad does this look, I might have enough time to re-take before September 15, but don't know if with enough time to have the new result by then as I really don't want...
  8. C

    USMLE Step 3 score after 1/16/17

    Anyone on here who took the exam after 1/16/17 get anything back? The announcement says the score delay is only for some examinees, but that the goal is to have scores back by Wednesday, May 10th 2017. Has anyone gotten their score back at all?
  9. Future Docs

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