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  1. R

    Western University of Health Sciences Pharmacy Program

    Hello, I recently got an acceptance letter for the PharmD program from Western University in Pomona. Are there any current students or alumni that can give me the pros and cons of attending this university? I live in NorCal and would like to know how the student life is before making a big...
  2. dr.dbz

    Serious question for serious professionals

    It's been ages SDN, good to see you again. Coming back to these forums in my senior year as a pre-pharm, looking to glean some guidance from the depths of your ever-insightful wells of wisdom and guidance lol (but seriously, I remember some of you being quite articulate and pleasant from my...
  3. I


    does do school calculate all gpas from institutions you've attended or just the gpa from the school you finish? my family moved a lot and it was a quite difficult time...i have a 2.73..a 1.89...a 2.75 gpa and now i have a 4.0 gpa...will they calculate all my gpa's and take the average or just...
  4. F

    Will I be able to get into a nursing program?

    Hi currently I am a student who was dismissed from NYU due to a really low GPA of 1.8 and enrolled/transferred into Bergen Community College in the hopes of getting better grades and proving to NYU that I am capable of doing well in school. I did extremely poorly during my freshman and sophomore...
  5. A

    Aspiring Anesthesiologist/ Med Student

    Hello! I'm currently a High School sophomore, and I know for a fact that going into the medical field is the career path I would like to take. At the moment, Anesthesiology has caught my eye, however that isn't quite as important as actually getting into a medical college is. I am in my second...