student loan debt

  1. BC_89

    How to Attend Pharmacy School with little to no debt?

    Note: TLDR at the end: This has been discussed with a high constant flow of "it cant be done" to "sign up for loan forgiveness and pay minimum for 20+ years." I'd like to open this discussion up with my own experience as to how I'm getting pharmacy school and cost of living covered at no cost...
  2. M


    Hi every one, I recently got into a Pod program. I'm a U.S. permanent resident. I'm wondering how much student loan can I borrow to cover my life expenses? I currently live in Los Angeles, which is an expensive city. Here I spend about $2800 every month.
  3. R

    Refinance vs enter REPAYE - unique situation

    Hello all - please some help for finding the correct financial solution. I am trying to figure out what my best financial option is: REPAYE vs refinance vs possibly a mix of both?? I am currently a 3rd year resident of a 5 year program. I recently commissioned Army Reserve and as part of my...
  4. S

    Tackling student loan debt

    Hi, I'm new to SDN and hoping to get some sage advice. My husband just finished EM residency and is a new attending. I'm working in government and have an MPH degree. We need to pay down our student loan debt. Combined with our undergrad, grad and medical school loans, we have about $405K in...
  5. C

    scholarship for minorities(URM)?

    For any urm that got acceptances or have knowledge through word of mouth I would like to know Which schools are generous with financial aid packages? Which schools are known to give scholarships to minorities? Please and thank you
  6. J

    Help! Which School Should I Choose?

    I am currently an undergraduate student in Chicago, applying for physical therapy schools this summer. I have narrowed down my choice to two options: 1. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) -----> $76K, and I would be able to commute to school 2. University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) ----->...
  7. V

    Healthtexas Provider Network, does it qualify for Federal PSLF Program?

    Does employment with HealthTexas Provider Network (i.e. Baylor) or Texas Health Provider Group (i.e. THR) in Texas qualify for the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program? Does anyone know or how I can find out?
  8. GradSchoolLoans

    Student loan debt is so confusing

    GradSchoolLoans.com wants to eliminate this frustration. With GradSchoolLoans.com, you can refinance your total student debt at the lowest rate in the country, saving on average $26,000, as soon as you match, deferring your payments until after completion of residency or fellowship and you will...
  9. GradSchoolLoans

    Reducing loan payments

    GradSchoolLoans.com lowers your interest on your student loans, therefore reducing your monthly payment.
  10. GradSchoolLoans

    How long can I defer my student loan debt?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for medical resident doctors or fellows to defer their payments with active status to defer up to 7 years.
  11. GradSchoolLoans

    Do I have to make student loan payments while in residency?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for you to defer all payments while in residency.
  12. GradSchoolLoans

    How much money can I save with refinancing my student loan debt?

    GradSchoolLoans.com calculates that on average each medical student, resident student, fellow or doctor can save about $26,000.
  13. GradSchoolLoans

    When can I refinance my medical student loan debt?

    GradSchoolLoans.com allows for medical students to refinance their student loan debt as soon as they match into Residency.