summer school

  1. G

    CC classes during summer (PTCAS question)

    So... in the summer between junior year and senior year of college, i decided to retake chemistry. Under PTCAS transcript entry would I put my academic status as a freshman or senior?
  2. C

    Bad Grade in Gen Chem II Lab

    Hi - I am a cognitive science major (a junior in college) and I am considering doing a psychology grad program with a focus on neuroscience. One thing that worries me is that I received a terrible grade in gen chem II lab- a D+ (I understood the material, but I was late with turning in lab...
  3. HappyPomme

    DAT + summer school

    Hey everyone! So a few months ago when I first learned I would have to be studying for the DAT while taking a summer class, I have to admit that I was really worried and tried looking for some comfort in SDN threads from others who have done this in the past. However, reading some of the posts...
  4. R

    Grades aren't great.. do I still have a chance?

    So, I am a current High School Senior. At the end of my junior year I decided that my senior year I was going to Dual enroll at a college and my college credits I was taking there will also count as the remaining high school credits I needed to graduate. Well now I'm in the spring semester and...
  5. J

    MCAT and school during the summer

    I was planning on taking a summer school course (6 hours of class/week in the morning + ~10 hours/week extra work) in May - mid June, research throughout the summer (~6 hours/week), as well as take an MCAT Princeton Prep Course end of May - mid July, and then possibly write the MCAT at the...
  6. U

    Gen chem with lab and physics no lab in same summer session?

    Hello everyone, so I am trying to figure out my schedule for the second summer session at my university. I am currently signed up for General Chemistry 2 with the lab, but really want to get the physics I lecture out of the way before the regular school year starts. Is taking both classes...
  7. B

    Does this schedule sound impossible?

    I'm taking summer classes to catch up on all the courses I need to get done on time. I have a shadowing/internship opportunity for a dentist in a city other than the one I am going to college at, and I was going to take these courses at a easier 4 year university, since my school is pretty...