1. C

    SOS Provision of Services in Virginia

    This has to be one of the stranger questions, but I'm going to throw it out there since I need an answer. I've been in touch with someone via email from the VA licensing board and her responses to this question have been beyond confusing. I have also found nothing tangible on the state website...
  2. L

    MSW fellowship or training opportunities?

    Hi everyone. I'm a first-year MSW student at a really great clinical/psychodynamically oriented program. Even though I'm still in my first year, I'm starting to look ahead for interesting paid training opportunities post-graduation. There are so many amazing post doc options for clinical psych...
  3. Piquica

    Logging Peer-to-Peer Supervision on Time2Track for APPIC

    Hi all! I'm hoping to get some guidance on logging peer-to-peer supervision hours on Time2Track, with an eye toward APPIC applications. I am currently working as a peer supervisor at my University's clinic for assessment practicum. A few questions: 1. I will assist during 3 hours of supervision...
  4. ImAFreudNot

    PhD/PsyD Assessing Supervision Quality on Internship

    First time poster, long time lurker. I am so appreciative of all the advice and wisdom that has been shared on SDN. Thank you in advance! I'm currently interviewing at a variety of APA-accred internship sites with a child/adolescent treatment focus. As I interview and mull over rankings, I'm...
  5. P

    PhD/PsyD Supervising unaccredited internships?

    I'm an early career psychologist who's recently been licensed in Texas and am working in private practice. I've been contacted by several doctoral students looking for supervision for internships. I came from an APA-accredited program and completed an APA-accredited internship, so I've found...
  6. Alemo

    How do I gauge teaching and supervision in a residency program?

    I am an M4 who will soon be creating a rank list for psychiatry programs. I've been able to compare a lot of objective features in places, like climate, location, areas of particular strength/emphasis, and resident profiles. But one thing I haven't been able to get a sense of is "what it would...
  7. D

    Difficulty understanding Maryland licensing requirements for supervision

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, currently deciding whether to apply to counseling or social work programs and where to apply. Part of my research involves looking at the licensing requirements for different states, as I imagine I will want to practice close to where I went to school, since...
  8. chewy2y

    Employment & Professional Networking Supervision as a new grad

    Hello everyone, I'm about to graduate as an COTA and I'm wondering what everyone else has experienced with supervision when they first entered the field. Did you find you were receiving the support you needed? How was the communication between you and those more experienced than you? If you had...
  9. T

    Postdoc @ private practice?

    I am a postdoctoral psychologist, and am currently applying for a limited permit. I got a job offer to work at a psychiatrist's private practice to provide psychotherapy and testing, however I would be the only psychologist working there (with no licensed psychologist to provide supervision)...