1. D

    How competitive am I for SURPs/SURFs/REUs?

    I’m a freshman applying to SURFs this summer and I have no idea where I stand in terms of competitiveness. I have a 4.0 but some mid-high 80s (Canadian, transcript says numerical % and letter grade “A” for all courses). I have one year’s experience as a volunteer research assistant doing dry...
  2. whatintardigration

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread (SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2020

    Alright so I figured I'd try to start this year's thread. What programs has everyone applied to? I applied to: Jackson Laboratory Gerstner Sloan Kettering University of Oregon (Rejected 2/14) Purdue MBAP Cornell MBG REU Tufts University Pepperdine SURB Northeastern University NCAT REU Synthetic...
  3. TheRealBatmanMD

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread ( SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2019

    It's now or never
  4. T

    Summer Research Application and Acceptance Thread ( SPUR, SURF, SURP, SIP, AMGEN, LA etc.) 2018

    Figure it's as good as time as any to create this one. Early bird gets the worm!
  5. davethebarbarian

    Summer Intership REUs, SURP, AMGEN, etc competitiveness

    Sophomore currently with a 3.83 GPA. I screwed up my first semester with a 3.66 but the past 2 semesters I've gotten a 4.0. I also have had 3 research experiences since high school with a few papers being published this year, but did not do any research this semester at my old lab (may change...
  6. S

    HELP summer health internship/or neuro research

    Hi! I've never posted before so I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. I'm a junior at Princeton and was not pre-med or pre-vet until this year (so I'll need to do a post-bac). For this summer, I have a neuroscience research internship at Princeton (not health related) and also a pediatric...
  7. kesher

    Does prestige of the institution hosting my summer research internship affect med school admissions?

    I applied for 13 research internships and only have gotten into two programs so far :(. Based on the recent stream of rejection emails flooding my inbox, I don't think that I will have any more acceptances. The programs I was accepted into are at less prestigious/well-known/lower-ranked/etc...
  8. M

    Publication or Summer Research Program?

    I am currently in a dilemma... Hoping you guys could help me make a choice: I am currently a sophomore in college. I have applied to various summer undergraduate research programs and am very interested in attending one of these programs if I am accepted. All of the programs are pretty...