1. iobu


  2. N

    CA-1 Anesthesia Position NYC

    Looking to change fields into anesthesia. Anyone know of any CA-1 spots for July 2020 in the NYC Area? Went to an allopathic Med school in NY and matched to my top-ranked program in the area. After a year, I realized it isn’t for me...explored a few subspecialties within my field, but still...
  3. M


    Hi, I am scheduled for June 26 in OH, would love to push back to late July 15-26 literally anywhere. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  4. N

    Switching from IM/Peds to PMR

    Hello, I am a PGY-1 in a IM/Peds program and am strongly considering switching to PM&R. I did two PM&R rotations as a med student, and actually applied to and interviewed in IM/Peds, IM and PM&R, with my rank list looking like 1 IM/Peds program (the one I matched in), then 4 PM&R programs (I've...
  5. M

    Switch to in-state tuition at SUNY Upstate?

    I have been accepted to Upstate Medical University, and I really like the school. But I'm out of state and tuition is crazy high: $66k. I have read around the internet that it may be possible to switch to in-state tuition after your first year, which is a much more reasonable $45k. Can anyone...
  6. G


    Hi, I am a pre med student. However, I have recently been looking into going into pharmacy. I was wondering what the pros and cons are for being a pharmacist. Also, what is the work like day to day? Salary? Bonuses? Paying off debt? Etc Thanks.
  7. F

    switching into IM residency after intern year

    How difficult would it be to switch from Rad Onc into the IM residency program at the institution where I do my intern year in medicine for Rad Onc? Ostensibly, this is easier than going from IM to Rad Onc, but I'm not sure how feasible it is regardless. How many PGY2 IM spots are available at...
  8. C

    Position Swap swap pgy1 pathology residency to any other specialty

    im willing to swap my pgy1 pathology residency position to any other specialty. its a good chicago program.
  9. A

    switching from econ to pre-med; junior year

    I'm an economics major about to start my 3rd year this fall. I've recently become very interested medicine and have been more passionate about it than I've ever been about my major. Unfortunately because I never really liked what I was studying, my GPA is a fairly average 3.4. My math/science...
  10. J

    Unsure if to continue pre-med or switch to chemistry, please help.

    Hello, I was born with aortic stenosis and because of people like my cardiologist I've always wanted to become a MD. All was fine until I took organic chemistry and realized it was by far my favorite class I've ever taken; i like it so much I have fun taking the exams. Also, I'm extremely...
  11. scruffy821

    USMLE Step 2 CS Chicago Switch

    I am scheduled for 8/18 this year in Chicago. Would anyone scheduled for 9/12-9/24 or maybe 10/10-10/22 be interested in trading?
  12. K

    Switching residency program within IM

    Hey there. I have a question, hoping to get some information regarding the process of transfer. My wife and i matched this year into PGY1, but unfortunately she matched in Florida and I matched in NY (as we did not apply for a couple match). Now we are wondering what are the options available to...
  13. T

    MCAT for Veterinary School

    Hello, I recently took the MCAT but decided to switch my path to veterinary school. What schools accept the MCAT and what are their averages or ranges?
  14. T

    The switch

    Hello, During all of my undergrad I was preparing myself for the big MD. However, after I graduated and got a lot of clinical experience I realized I was meant to be a veterinarian. What are the told/untold requirements for veterinary school. Such as research experience is to acceptance into an...
  15. M

    PA program to Med school... making the switch! Advice?

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the middle of my 3rd year in a 5-year BS/MS physician assistant program at a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. However, I have decided to take the leap and pursue medical school rather than continue my path in the PA program. To do this, I will switch to...
  16. G

    The Switch to NRMP

    As we progress to 2020, all the osteopathic programs that become pre-accredited and finally accredited will be trickling over to the NRMP from the NMS. I wanted to see if there is a list of the programs that have switched over already, and if there isn't we should start one right here. As far...
  17. C

    Position Swap S. Cali FM resident switch

    FM PGY1 in Southern California looking to switch to FM residency starting next year in Chicago, NY, or DC area. Looking to change to be closer to family. Please let me know if you are interested.
  18. T

    *****2015-2016 General Surgery Interview Switch Thread*****

    Thread for arranging switching interview dates for 2015-2016 General Surgery
  19. SALLS23

    Switch back into Pre-pharm? Yay or Nay?

    I need some honest opinions here. So in 2011 I was in pre-pharm at a local Purdue campus. I completed a lot of the pre-requisites but didn't finish the most important ones like organic chemistry, biochem, and immunology. I had a sudden fear of loans and school and switched my major. Before I...
  20. V

    USMLE Step 2 CS date Swap / switch

  21. H

    Position Swap Gen Surg PGY2 in Midwest looking to switch to West coast position

    I am a current PGY2 general surgery resident in the Midwest looking to switch to a position on the West coast - purely geographical reasons. Anyone interested, please let me know.