1. traecummings

    Texas A&M Irma Rangel Pharmacy C/O 2022

    Turned in my application for early decision and have been hunting for a thread to pop up for Texas A&M so I figured I would get one going. Any one else checking their email relentlessly for the interview?
  2. T

    Should I change my major?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore, soon to be junior, at Texas A&M University and recently, I have been really been stressed about and have been trying to reevaluate myself and I need some guidance. Here is my dilemma: So I really love being challenged and as masochistic as this...
  3. D

    Best Tablet Specs for Vet School

    Howdy All, I will be a 1VM student starting at TAMU CVM in August of 2016! I am considering buying a tablet and have done a considerable amount of shopping around up to this point. I am pretty much sold on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. (I'd be happy to explain why if necessary, mostly personal...
  4. L

    TAMU Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy- Class of 2020

    Didn't see a thread for this college yet! Is anyone applying here or heard from them yet?
  5. D

    Texas A&M c/o 2020 Veterinary Applicants

    Howdy SDN, I have not seen Texas A&M c/o 2020 veterinary applicants thread yet. Thought it would be good to start one so we can ask questions/share info regarding the application process. This is my third time applying to TAMU, the first time I was outright rejected, second time I was wait...