1. H

    TBR 2016 vs 2017 books

    Hi all, I tried finding some information about this on the boards but couldn't find anything, so I hope someone can help! What's the difference between the 2015/2016 copyright books, and that of 2017 for TBR? I'm debating between saving some money and buying old books (option1), or the newest...
  2. S

    Excel Sheet with TPR and Kaplan Chapter Cross-Referenced

    Hello SDN Members! This is my very first post (that I started not a reply, that was yesterday)! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone past and present who have posted on these forums. I am "new", in the sense that I have been a quiet observer and have kept my eye on these forums for a long...
  3. joe7456

    Selling TBR Psychology and 2015 TPR Science Workbook

    Pm for offer. I will use Venmo for payment. Shipping will be additional.
  4. T

    For Sale MCAT TBR 2016 Edition Set

  5. joe7456

    Selling TBR psychology (like new condition)

    For sale is the 2016 Psychology review for The Berkeley Review. It has no writing or highlighting and the text is 100% clean. I will sell it for 45$+ shipping since it is brand new. I will use Venmo for payment. Thanks.
  6. M

    For Sale TBR Complete Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook

    Update: Items no longer available. Created a new post to address issues that some of you had w/ my previous one. For sale: The Berkeley Review Complete Set, 2016 ed. Psychology Chemistry I Chemistry II Biology I Biology II Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II Physics I Physics II Verbal...
  7. M

    For Sale TBR 2016 BRAND NEW FULL SET MCAT TEXTBOOKS--never been opened

    Hey Y'all! I made a last minute decision to not continue on with medical school and forgot I had already ordered new 2016 textbooks from The Berkeley Review! I have available a full 2016 set never been opened, which includes: General Chem I&II 2016: $70 for set/$40 for one...
  8. M

    For Sale TBR Book Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook (2010)

    Please refer to new thread.
  9. M

    TBR passages vs TPR science workbook

    Hey guys, I have the 2015 TPR science workbook and was wondering how those passages compared with those of the TBR updated for MCAT 2015 book passages? Also, how do the TPR science workbook passages compare with the Nextstep strategy and practice books? Thank you
  10. S

    For Sale TBR (The Berkeley Review) BRAND NEW 2016 MCAT Complete Set!--never been opened

    Hello all!! Just got accepted into medical school and I ended up not even touching the extra copy of the complete NEW 2016 TBR (The Berkeley Review) MCAT textbook set! if you're looking for brand new never been opened, or written in 2016 MCAT books I am happy to sell the full complete set or...