thank you card

  1. I

    Shadowing Thank You Card Now or Later?

    I recently shadowed a gastroenterologist for 3 days in a row. I have spoken with him about LORs and he has expressed that he'd be happy to write me one. I told him that I'd like to come back and shadow him several more times before I apply to medical school next summer. I usually send the...
  2. Fishy fish

    Thank you cards or emails?

    Should I send a post-interview thank you card or email to my interviewers at my top choice school? Does it matter?
  3. R

    Late thank you cards for Letter of Recommendation?

    Over the summer I had 4 people write me a LOR. I wanted to tell them thank you once I had news received news from a school, but now I am going into the new year with limited responses from medical schools and 0 thank you cards delivered. I am currently in the process of applying to masters...
  4. D

    gift/thank you card for physician

    Hi, please I need your help I work as a physician assistant at clinic (I am MD but it's outside the USA). Month ago I asked neurologist at this clinic to observe his work, attended his consultations with patients. He is also director of the clinic. He is just amazing doctor, and the greatest...
  5. I

    casual "Thank You" cards

    hey, what kind of thank you cards do you all suggesting sending? I found a few really nice ones, but I did feel like they were too casual (one of them had a really funny joke about medicine, but it was a get well soon card :-(...) I found another one that had a cartoon character on it which I...