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  1. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    How Should I Address a Medical Student in a Post-Interview Thank you Letter

    Hey All, Dumb question but I was wondering how I should address a medical student who interviewed me in my thank you letter. "Dear Mr. Doe" seems more awk than "Dear Jon Doe". Also on top of that, the guy doesn't like to be called by his first name (he's an international student) and...
  2. L

    Forgot to send post interview thank you note. Would it look bad if I sent it now?

    I just realized that I forgot to the thank you note that I composed three weeks ago. Should I go ahead and send it now? Or should I not bother? I'm worried that emailing a note three weeks after the interview will just remind them of how late I'm sending it.
  3. cafedisco

    Thank You Letter--which way?

    I apologize if this was mentioned in another thread! I'm not sure how to go about sending this particular thank you letter. My interviewer gave me their business card with their email address and physical address, but this school also has a "Thank You Letter" upload option in their 'Additional...
  4. S

    Post interview thank you letters?

    I'm sure this has been discussed already, but I recently interviewed at one of my top choices. If you had multiple interviewers, should you send a different thank you email to each one? Or is a single one fine? I had a panel interview with different faculty members. I feel like I connected more...
  5. H

    Interview Question

    Hello! I had a PA interview at my first choice school today, hooray. I think it went pretty well (at least, I hope it did lol). I wanted to mail a thank you letter tomorrow, but I'm not sure who I should send it to. I had a one-on-one interview with a faculty member, and a different faculty...
  6. I

    casual "Thank You" cards

    hey, what kind of thank you cards do you all suggesting sending? I found a few really nice ones, but I did feel like they were too casual (one of them had a really funny joke about medicine, but it was a get well soon card :-(...) I found another one that had a cartoon character on it which I...
  7. saabbro

    Who to send thank you to?

    Hi all, Just had an interview recently and can't find my interviewers email anywhere. Could I just email admissions and ask them to forward it? Or is there another way? And if I ask them to forward it should I send my thank you in an attachment within the email or just put the whole message in...