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  2. B

    NBDE and TOEFL EXAM submitting

    When I give my NBDE and TOEFL exams how to submit them to the dental schools which provides programs for international trained dentists and to apply there ?
  3. D

    Quick question about when to apply for CAAPID? please help

    Hi, I passed my NBDE1 exam 4 months ago and I started to prepare for TOEFL but I'm asking is it possible for me to apply for CAAPID now ? ,,,how does this work? What is the best timeline for applying and how? Any help is highly appreciated thanks
  4. Liliofthelamplight123

    19, looking at US and UK Medical Schools

    Hello everyone, Right now I am 19 years old and I will be applying to both US medical schools and UK medical schools this cycle. I apologize in advance if this post is rather lengthy, but there is a lot I want to get off my chest. I have been working on my Biology B.S. here in the US since...
  5. K

    How significance is TOEFL in clerkship programs?

    Hello, I’m a final year Thai medical student who is insterested in Mayo clinic clerkship and have a step-one score of 270. But my TOEFL score is just 104 (R:29, L:30, S: 20, W: 25) <Trust me I tried and others said my speaking skill is actually decent but I can’t seem to improve my speaking...
  6. mhmd1ahmd

    Cleveland Clinic elective Toefl requirements

    Hi, I am international medical student from Egypt and I have a question regarding the TOEFL requirements for Cleveland Clinic elective. I scored 109 (R:30, L:29, S:23, W:27). At Cleveland they require 26 in speaking and mine is 23, so can I apply safely or I will waste my money? Has anyone done...
  7. P

    For Sale LOTS of TOEFL Materials - All of them for $30 plus shipping.

    No longer need these materials. Used, marked, but everything is in really good condition. CDs included. Not sure what shipping will run, but I'd imagine $15 or so since they are books. Shipping from Colorado. Blake
  8. D

    BU DMD Advanced Standing 2017-18

    Hi, Everyone:bookworm: Lets discuss about BU DMD o_Oapplication for 2017 cycle here. Anybody any updates?:whistle::soexcited: P.S : lets hope to get some positive IV for this year cycle :) Let's start with me. My profile NBDE par1 NBDE part 2 ( tentative plan to take in end of oct) TOEFL-100...
  9. 1

    Too early to start?

    Hello! Let me introduce myself: I'm a Romanian starting 10th grade(out of 12) in a few months. I've been thinking about going to a medical university in the US. I've been looking at the MCAT study plan (the one to study in 3 months). I've been thinking to buy all the required materials to start...
  10. G

    Cleveland Clinic Application

    Hi. I'm an IMG from India. I've taken both IELTS and TOEFL. I got a score of 8 and 100 respectively. However, to apply for an elective at Cleveland Clinic, I understand I require a High Score on my TOEFL Speaking and Writing. I got a 258 on my Step 1. Will they accept an IELTS as a test of...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical Attention International Students: TOEFL to Offer Free Online Course

    International students planning to study at an English language institution or university, candidates for scholarships or professional certification, English language learners who want to follow their progress, and students or workers applying for visas in certain countries can now take...
  12. O

    TOEFL Alternatives

    Greetings Everyone, Is TOEFL the only accepted proof of language proficiency? I was told Intensive English Programs may be accepted at a university as an alternative for the TOEFL. It is hard to get 100+ in the TOEFL and this might be a good option for people who want to strengthen their...
  13. B

    Info Sites for Applicants

    Hey guys, For whoever needs a summary of how to get a DMD/DDS in the US check out this site.. though it seems to be in progress!! Also if everyone can post a list of useful sites that would be great!! www.internationalDMD.com thought it might help, all the best! :)
  14. P

    Do I have to take the TOEFL?

    I was wondering if I absolutely have to take the toefl? English is my second language. However, it's practically the only language I speak now. I came here when I was 8-9 years old. Since, I have used English as my primary language. It has come to my attention that some dental schools require...