1. D

    Should I go to Touro-CA or take a gap year?

  2. D

    RVUCOM-CO vs Touro

    Hi everyone! Last thread I saw about this was back in 2014 so I would really appreciate any updated feedback ! Some background info: from the bay area and would like to be in CA eventually. very pro non-didactic teaching methods (eg. TBL, flipped classroom, etc.) interested in EM. RVUCOM...
  3. A

    Nova Southeastern vs Touro California

    I was officially accepted at Touro California and waitlisted at Nova Southeastern. I am considering sending a letter of intent to Nova in the coming days but would appreciate any insight into this decision. I am from California, but most of my connections do not live there anymore. The campus at...
  4. E

    Touro-CA vs AZCOM

    Title says it all. Thoughts on Touro: I am from Norcal and would love to stay close to home. A lot of people from my university went to Touro-CA and seem to like it there. However, a lot of people say Touro is a terrible program on SDN. Thoughts on AZCOM: Overall it seemed like a strong...
  5. GatorBoots

    Touro-CA MSMHS 2016-2017

    Good Evening Ya'll !! New to SDN. Couldn't find a thread about the MSMHS Program at Touro-CA so I decided to get the ball rolling :) Almost done with my application. Should have it sent in in the next 2-3 days. Waiting on the answers to a few questions I had about the application from Ms...