1. Franzliszt1

    MD + Grade Trend. Siren Song?

    Dear SDN, Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts, I just finished my undergraduate degree. I moved to a college far from home and started with a year of mediocrity. The next year had poorer grades but still salvageable. My upper level cGPA is a 3.853 and two of those semesters were...
  2. S

    Physician Compensation Annual Change 2010-2016 By Specialty (Medscape Compilation)

    While looking at physician salary there have been large changes year-to-year; and I wanted to get a more normative picture of how compensation has changed which might explain/predict trends. Below are the charts showing the change in salary in percentage and total amount from year-to-year for...
  3. O


  4. Punished Angeleno


  5. libertyyne

    Rise and Fall of Competitiveness in specialties

    Can someone explain how this works, Is it due to attitudes of medical students? Generational differences in what people want in terms of hours? Job Market and reimbursement fluctuations? Governmental intervention? What causes Gas and DR to be super competitive a few years ago and now seem...
  6. ayjaystudent

    I took enrichment classes at a CC after already getting my degree. Would those count in the ↓ trend?

    I've been out of school for 10 years now (graduated 2006) with a degree in Engineering, and here's the trend in my grades: I attended a community college with a GPA of 3.78 I transferred to a well-known university, and graduated with a GPA of 3.10 After a couple of years, I took some enrichment...
  7. H

    Upward trending GPA

    I mathematically won't be able to get above a 3.70 at this point but have brought my GPA at the end of freshman year from a 2.73 up to a 3.52 with some classes still to go. If I'm able to continue this upward trend will I still have a chance at med school?
  8. G

    Pre med hopeful, need some advice

    Hey everyone, I am new here (just got an account) and I would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed because I have such low grades right now: the breakdown is as follows 1st sem: 3.0 2nd sem: 2.9 3rd sem: 2.4 (I know :/ I was diagnosed with anxiety at this point and probably...
  9. N

    Quick Question About AMCAS GPA Trends

    I know that med schools like upwards trends (which I do have), but I was just wondering if they look at all four of them (cumulative, BCPM, other, running) or favor one (ie BCPM)? Currently, my running GPA trend isn't terrific, but the BCPM-only trend looks hopeful. Thanks!
  10. K

    GPA Trend?

    Do medical schools really take this trend into account?