1. aintordinarylife

    TUSPM - Temple - Class of 2023

    This may be s u p e r early, but just committed to Temple for Fall 2019, and wanted to get the thread going! If you're also joining Class of 2023 - give a shout! (Or if you are considering TUSPM, feel free to post here with any questions, etc.) Pumped and ready for the next four years to come...
  2. P

    Thoughts on Temple's on-campus housing?

    Was really stuck between off and on campus but eventually decided for on-campus bc of convenience and social aspect. Have any of yall lived there, and if so, do you regret it? What're some pros you get from being on-campus vs off-campus?
  3. klw336

    Roommate TUSPM looking for roommate

    Hello, I was recently accepted to TUSPM and plan to attend in the fall. I would like to find a roommate to live with starting in January 2016. If anyone out there will also be attending Temple School of Podiatric Medicine or any other nearby schools, I'd be very much interested in becoming...