1. medshousing

    Roommate Boston 1bd/1ba + Office Available For Rent In Beautiful 2bd/2ba Brookline Apartment

    www.MedsHousing.com Bedroom and private bathroom available for a year lease starting July 1 in this beautiful 2bd/2ba Brookline apartment located 10 mins walk to major Boston hospitals. Perfect for incoming residents or other hospital staff. Ideally looking for a couple to replace the couple...
  2. F

    UCLA vs UMass

    Hello! I am extremely grateful to be in this position and to have these opportunities. I would love some advice while making this decision! Thank you all so much! Some things to consider: I am not fixed on any speciality just yet. However, my interests currently lie in some competitive...
  3. R

    Stony Brook vs UMass

    Hi all, Very fortunate to get acceptance to these two state schools. Without considering costs, is there is a perceived difference in the quality of these two (in terms of match competitiveness, general feelings towards, etc.) Here are some quicks pros/cons I jotted down.. Let me know if I...
  4. K


  5. PhysicianRec

    UMass is hiring: Academic Glaucoma Specialist

    My name is Adriana Dietlin, one of UMass Memorial Medical Group's In-House Physician Recruiters. Here at UMass, we are always looking to network, recruit and directly hire Physicians from all specialties. Below is one of our current openings within the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual...
  6. PhysicianRec

    UMass Dept. of Anesthesiology & PeriOp Medicine is Expanding! (HIRING in Massachusetts)

    The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at UMass is Expanding! www.umassmed.edu/anes "Faculty are the backbone of our department. As Chair, I believe our genotype reflects our phenotype, we are who we recruit, develop, and retain. Supporting each faculty member to achieve...
  7. R

    Tufts vs UMass(OOS)

    Blessed to have been accepted to both of these schools and loved both when I interviewed. Most of the threads I've seen choose UMass due to cost (understandably) but I was accepted to UMass as an out-of-state applicant (RI resident) so the price difference is now negligible. I would greatly...
  8. ericK14

    MPH UML MPH vs LSHTM MPH vs Uni. of Nottingham MPH

    I've gotten accepted to Umass Lowell for MPH, as well as the University of Nottingham and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for MPH. Both schools are in the UK. I'm trying to decide if choosing to go overseas for a year will be worth it, factoring living costs, so my degree in the...
  9. Mr. Org & Elles

    UMass vs. George Washington (2 days to decide!!)

    UPDATE: I was offered a $10k scholarship to GW. That makes GW $20k cheaper per year, $80k in total before interest. I'd love some thoughts on this please! I was planning on going to UMass but was accepted to GW yesterday. I have to decide by the end of this week. Please help! University of...
  10. 4

    BU, Tufts, or Umass MPH

    Hey Everyone, I have been accepted for Fall 2017 MPH to BU, UMass, and Tufts (trying to stay in Massachusetts.) I am leaning towards BU over Tufts as BU seems to have more resources. BU has given me a merit based scholarship but UMass is still significantly cheaper. I know BU is ranked in top...
  11. T

    Rochester v. UMass v. GW

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between Rochester, Umass, and GW. Interest in IM and Psychiatry. Leaning away from GW because they give grades during Preclinical. I'm also on the Waitlist at NYU, and am curious if I should hold out for that and/or put a bunch of effort into trying to get off the...
  12. N

    Prerequisites to Take in Spring 2017 in Massachusetts

    The short of it is that I'm hoping to finally start my med school prerequisites in Spring 2017 in the Boston metropolitan area and am looking for specific classes to take and places to take them. I would like to take classes at Harvard Extension, but it looks like in Spring only the second part...
  13. P

    applying to vet school as a post-bac

    I am submitting my application (I little tight on time yes I know) and just want a little input, maybe even peace of mind. I graduated 4 years ago with a BFA in photography, decided recently that I wanted to be an equine veterinarian. I started taking classes last fall. I have two more classes...
  14. V

    Need Help Making Decision - UMASS vs Jefferson

    I'll make two quick points first - yes I do realize that I am very lucky that I even get to make a decision and yes I realize that I'm posting in medical student forum, although it makes a lot more sense to ask you guys vs other premeds. I've been accepted to UMass and Jefferson (inb4 not...
  15. D

    Boston College vs Northeastern vs UMASS Boston

    Hello all, I have been accepted and am strongly considering Boston College and Northeastern University. At this point Northeastern is ludicrously expensive compared to BC and I would have to talk to financial aid to have them even begin to accommodate me. UMASS Boston Honors College offers a...
  16. M

    UMass vs Georgetown (vote on poll please)

    Hey Everyone, I am narrowing my acceptances down to Georgetown and UMass and trying to decide between the two. The main concern is cost. Georgetown Pros: -International / Global Health (I have a MPH in International Health) -Diverse population (globally since DC / underserved) -Good location (...