1. B

    What to do about a poor research experience

    I'm in the process of completing an application for an MD-PhD program and of course the question about past research experience has come up. Two summers ago I approached a professor from my department as I was interested in carrying out a project under them. They interviewed me and I was told...
  2. L

    Undergraduate sophomore looking for some advice!

    Hi! I'm currently a second semester sophomore and I plan to apply to vet school during the fall of my senior year (fall 2021). Although I have a lot of time until I apply, I was wondering if anybody could look at my stats/hours so far and offer any advice or tell me if I'm on the right track...
  3. Perchperkins

    Majoring in Fine Arts as a Pre-Med student?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. I’m 18 and I’m graduating from high school in a few months. I want to pursue a career in medicine - specifically I want to be a doctor. Initially, I was going to major in biology. But lately I’ve done some research and talked to some other college students and...
  4. A

    Need Help Deciding - Duke or USF 7 Year BS/MD Program for Pre-Med Undergrad!

    Hi everyone, I am blessed to have been accepted to Duke's Class of 2023 and University of South Florida's BS/MD. However, I am super stressed about deciding between these two schools. There are pro's and con's of both but I just don't know how important Duke's prestige is (vs. a state school)...
  5. T

    Can you apply to medical school as an early college graduate?

    Currently, the plan is that I attend a community college then transfer to a four-year university. Normally, in the transfer program, students take two years at community college and two years at university. My plan is to use the ap credits I have to graduate in 1 year. I would have to take...
  6. dentalgirl311


    Grades have been pretty much posted and I have recieved a C in gen chem 1 . For the spring semester I signed up for anatomy and physiology , gen chem 2 and bio 1 . My question is "Am I setting myself up for failure?" I just want dental school to see that I can take a heavy course load.
  7. I

    Personal Statement

    I'm very new to the student doctor forum! Can anyone provide me any guidance on restrictions for a personal statement for post-bacc/SMP/MS? For example, I'm aware of what can be too personal in personal statement essays ie. mental illnesses. Is there any other restrictions you would advise...
  8. S

    Bad Senior High School Grade

    Im still in grade 11 and i realized i really do want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor since before but i had a C- or a good passing grade in my science during 9th grade and 10th grade. However, in the start of my 11th grade, i realized i really do want to be a doctor but i only had C+ in...
  9. C

    Any medical related summer job for undergraduate?

    Hi! I have just finished my freshman year of college and I am currently looking for a medical related job that I can do over the summer. I've been researching around my area for jobs at hospitals, however they all seem to require a degree or prior experience. Do you guys know if there are any...
  10. R

    Majors/Minors..are these ones ok?

    Hey I'm new here (so sorry if this is in the wrong place) and I need some opinions on majors and minors. Currently I'm majoring in Psychology (I want to be a Psychiatrist) and Anthropology and minoring in International Studies and Women's Studies (my minors are mainly just personal interest but...
  11. B

    Taking only 4 credits my last semester?

    Hello, I'm a senior and I plan on applying for this upcoming cycle. This is my last semester. I have completed all my graduation requirements. I plan on studying for a retake for the MCAT, and working a day or two a week as a medical scribe. Does it look bad to take 4 credits (which is...