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  1. B

    Academic Dismissal - options after?

    So recently quite a few students were academically dismissed from a Big 3 Caribbean school due to grades (they set the passing grade differently each semester using some algorithm and the Hofstede theory supposedly, no one really knows how they determine it). So curious to know if time is taken...
  2. M

    Unique re-applicant situation

    Hello all! I'm in a pretty tough situation and wanted to seek the advice of the wonderful /premed community. I am a Caribbean medical student at ROSS and am not doing well. I did not pass first semester and currently am attempting to repeat the semester but will likely not pass this time...
  3. savvyleslie

    Which schools should I apply to?

    Hi everyone. I am a Canadian student who is considering moving to the US for medical school, however, I am not sure which schools I'll have a shot at. My background is: - Cumulative GPA - 3.90 - Science GPA- 3.83 - MCAT score- 515 - I have volunteered internationally in Jamaica for 3 weeks...
  4. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Canadian applying to US - need shadowing?

    We aren't allowed to shadow here in Canada but I understand it's important for the schools in the States... Is it necessary or could I get by with other ECs?
  5. S

    Canadian applying to US dental schools

    Hey! So I finally finished up my AADSAS application, and I just needed a little help narrowing down my dental school designations. My GPA is sitting around a 3.4, and I've also written the US DAT (AA 20, TS 20, PAT 18). I've got good EC's and good LOR's which I'm not too worried about. I have...
  6. C

    Canadian Applicant applying to US schools looking for some advice

    Hi everyone, long-time lurker here looking for some tips. I applied to 6 Canadian schools this cycle and unfortunately didn't get any interviews. I'm trying again and this time I thought I could also apply to a few American schools. Here are my stats: Year in school: Junior (going into my 4th...