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  1. A

    WAMC Low GPA Canadian Non-Trad Applicant for US Schools (Post-Bacc)

    TL;DR What are my chances: UG GPA: 2.93 Post-Bacc: 4.0 oGPA: 3.22 (3.36 if I wait an extra yr) DAT: 27 AA Hi everyone, I'm feeling a little hopeless right now and after looking through multiple threads and not finding anybody in a similar situation to mine, I decided to make this post to see...
  2. Speck_90


    Hey everybody! Is anyone here in these programs and could help me out with some information about the application process? Thank you guys in advance and wish y'all a pleasent day
  3. G

    decent DAT, low GPA, late applicant..chances for USC???

    so I got a 21 AA and a 20TS my sGPA is 3.4 and oGPA is 3.2 what are my chances at this point? I have a letter of rec from a professor at USC dental, I shadowed him for 250 hours....I have a total of 350 shadowing hours and like 500+ volunteer hours ... should I even waste my money on dental...
  4. D

    International applicants

    Greetings everyone, Firstly, I would like to thank all of you guys for helping each other. Secondly, As I am an international applicant who have not received any interview invitation yet, I would like to ask is there any international applicant received an interview invitation? Please answer...
  5. T


    Hi, I am an international dentist and do not know the advantages of one California school on the other. have been accepted to UCSF and USC International Dentist program of 2 years. I want to practice as a general practitioner after my DDS, in the bay area. I want a program that is more clinical...
  6. ilovekitkat

    I created as a free online mentorship site for pre-dental students! AMA!

    Happy New Years Everyone! My name is Dr. Katherine Loi. I am a current Army Dentist and graduate from USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. As an army dentist, I frequently get asked a lot of questions about how to become a dentist. Using my own experience / frustrations during my...
  7. autumnfairy

    USC Processing Fee?

    Hi guys I'm sorry if this has already been answered before but I couldn't find a thread on it. Do I need to pay the USC processing fee ($85) now or after I receive a secondary? I submitted my ADEA AADSAS app and am currently waiting for my DAT scores to be uploaded. The wording on the USC...
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    Hi everyone, I am finishing up my last semester this Fall at CSUF in Health Sciences. For many years now, I wanted to become a Physician Assistant. Recently, suddenly, my heart has gone towards a different path, and I never thought in my LIFE that I would change my career, because I was...
  9. G


    Hi everyone, 1) I appreciate whoever reads this and responds to me. I am almost 24 years old, and will have a BS in Health Sciences by this December. I have only taken anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and 1 year of general chemistry. I still have to take physics, Ochem, and General Bio, which...