usmle 2

  1. medlife2017

    December/January Firecracker discount

    Hey guys, follow this link to get a great discount through firecracker that will only last until early January: Firecracker Good luck with your studies!
  2. D

    USMLE Need urgent advice regarding retaking step 2 ck

    Hi everyone. I am a new member here, first time poster. I need some urgent advice from you all.I gave step 2 ck on aug 27. During exam I had computer malfunctions during both the drug ad questions. I sent an email to nbme. Now they replied that either I can retake the test for free or I have to...
  3. M

    Step 2 CK Questions Wrong vs. Score

    For those of us anxiously awaiting test results, could you shed any light on how many you got wrong vs. your score? I was performing well on practice tests, but know I made some silly mistakes along the way and am trying to calm my nerves. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  4. P


    I am an final year international medical student, willing to pursue IM residency. My quick question is which one is better: 1. Total 2700$ for 8 weeks - to work with a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist at a private clinic 4 weeks each- total 8 weeks. 2. 5250$ for 8 weeks to work at FIU...
  5. G

    The USMLE step 1 and 2CK (>260) journey of a non-US IMG

    Excuse the long click bait-y heading but it is true. My philosophy is preparation is everything so I think that preclinical students might benefit the most from this. My medical school is in the Caribbean and it's not St George's or Ross. So like I said, it's possible. I took step 1 after 2nd...
  6. K

    6-month Step 2 CK Qmax - promo code DGSOM35QMAX26M

    6-month Step 2 CK Qmax subscription: $118 -- Use promo code: DGSOM35QMAX26M ACTIVE 7/6/17-7/12/17. You can delay your subscription up to 6 months after purchase!
  7. iamironman

    Rotation exams vs Step 2 CK? views

    Hey guys. I will be starting my 3rd year now and need to know if Rotation exams will be similar to step 2 CK or should I be more worried about CK? Same materials for rotation exams for CK can do the trick or not?
  8. P

    Tutoring for STEP1, 2 CK + CS and STEP 3!

    Hey Guys! I am offering my help in preparing students for STEP 1,2 CS+CK, and STEP 3. Also, I would be able to read over your personal statements and help with elective applications and in general anything to do with American Residency applications. My scores for STEP 1 and 2- 247 and 249. I...
  9. SukItPhaneuf

    2017 - Best book for Step 2 CK Prep

    So I don't see an up to date poll for this - and times change. So the best backbone of step 2 CK studying is: UWorld + Which book? (there may be other types of resources, but I'm interested in the best Text). Let's say for a 4 week study period (haven't started a prep book yet).
  10. D

    USMLE Step 2 CS IMG Philly retake

    Hi! I'm an IMG applying to retake Step 2 CS in June 2017. My original plan was to take the exam in Chicago, since I failed CS in Philly last year (ICE part). But I realised that there's no available dates in Chicago, so the only options that are left are Philly, LA, Atlanta. Can anyone help...
  11. chalupabatman13

    For Sale Step 2 CK Qmax 12 Month Subscription Coupon Code

    I am selling a 12-month subscription to Step 2 CK Qmax question bank ($198) for $170 OBO. The subscription has NOT been activated! I was awarded a coupon code for the price of the subscription as part of a scholarship, but I am not interested in activating or using the service. Contact me if...