1. medshousing

    Renting Austin Texas Furnished 2 bd 2.5 Ba Townhouse with Pool, Gym, BBQ, Trail near hospitals

    As listed on MedsHousing.com Contact landlord through web site: LINK to listing #2127 Incredible 2 bed 2.5 baths Townhouse off South Congress in a small gated community. This space has so much natural light with windows facing greenery. A finished out 2 car garage has entrance to the...
  2. kopfkino

    How's Emory premed?

    I'm debating between Emory and UT honors, so I was just wondering how difficult Emory premed is. I already know it's pretty challenging, but I've also heard there's not many curves, so as long as you study hard and understand the material, you can pull a few As. Also, I know prestige doesn't...
  3. kopfkino

    Posting again, advice would be great: UT Honors or Emory?

    I'd be majoring in neuroscience at both. I got a merit scholarship at Emory so the cost is the same--actually Emory would be around 3k cheaper, although if I get a local scholarship, UT will be marrrginally cheaper (about 80% chance.) I love both schools, but there are aspects of both schools...
  4. kopfkino

    UT Austin, Emory, and maybe Macalester and UTD--are Texas schools the safest for medical school?

    Post updated here: Posting again, advice would be great: UT Honors or Emory? (since I can't delete this thread)
  5. E

    UT Austin for pre-med?

    Hi! I'm a high school senior and I'll most probably be going to UT Austin as a public health major this fall. For those of you that went to UT or know about it, how is being a pre-med there? I know it's a challenging school, so any advice on professors, classes, etc. would be appreciated! Thank...
  6. R

    Worth Transferring to USC?

    Hello! I have kind of a lot to say but I'll try and make it brief! I am a prospective transfer applicant for USC and I was wondering whether it would be worth it to transfer. I wanted to attend USC as a freshman, but was rejected. I did apply to UT Austin and was accepted (yay). Unfortunately, I...
  7. P

    UT Austin Class of 2020

    Hey! I noticed that UT Austin didn't have a thread for this years cycle yet and since it is one of my top choices I wanted to create one! Hopefully there are more of you out there that are also wanting to apply here! :)