Apr 8, 2018
I'm debating between Emory and UT honors, so I was just wondering how difficult Emory premed is. I already know it's pretty challenging, but I've also heard there's not many curves, so as long as you study hard and understand the material, you can pull a few As. Also, I know prestige doesn't matter, but some people have been saying it does for private, so I guess that's a factor too. Would you say Emory is worth the higher costs? Emory is 23k while UT is 18k. My parents would probably take out 10k in loans if I go to Emory, which they say is fine, but I'm not sure. Any advice will be very appreciated, especially because I can't afford to fly out to Emory, and bevause May 1 is coming up fast. Thank you so much!!

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I think I love Emory, from what Ive heard, but I am so so so stuck on where to go because UT HSS will be cheaper. It's already been four weeks and I can't decide, so even one comment wojld help immensely
Mar 28, 2018
10k additional debt is negligible compared to the debt you will have to take on as a physician. Your parents don't seem worried about the debt, and Emory will probably give you more opportunities to connect personally with professors because it is a smaller, private school. I think this is absolutely worth the investment. I wouldn't be concerned about the difficulty of the premed coursework -- you want the most rigorous training possible to do well on the MCAT and there are plenty of successful premeds coming out of Emory. If you would succeed as a premed at UT HSS, you will succeed at Emory, potentially even more so because of the intangible opportunities Emory offers.
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