1. hopeful_vet2026

    Tennessee c/o 2026 hopefuls

    Welcome to the UTCVM applicant page for class of 2026! Good luck to everyone!!
  2. vet_ashlynn

    UTCVM c/o 2025 accepted!

    Hi! I wanted to make this thread so everyone in the c/o 2025 could get to know each other! I am a first time IS applicant. I also applied to LMU and OSU. Im excited to get to know y'all :)
  3. hopeful_vet2026

    Tennessee c/o 2025

    Anyone applying to Tennessee this cycle (2020) for matriculation next year (2021) and graduation in 4 (2025)
  4. hopeful_vet2026


    Gonna go ahead and make this for the upcoming cycle! Good luck everyone!
  5. U

    Where should vet students live near UTK?

    Hi y'all! I'm an OOS student and will be attending UTK in the fall! But I'm at a loss for where to live. I'm going up next week to sign for an apartment but I need to know where to tour first! Any suggestions would be useful! I'm looking for something close to campus with 2x2 availability...